The Economy, Post GFC

For all who think that the GFC of 2008 is something that has passed, is in the past, is over and done with, things are now looking up again, and we can soon look forward to everything getting back to normal, here is a quote from an article I just read, "The economy isn’t coming... Continue Reading →

Electricity Consumption

Here is a picture of my household electricity consumption over the last two years, extracted from my most recent utility bill.  This represents my total power usage since there is no gas installed at the property. Please note that I post this merely to show that it is possible in these times of soaring energy... Continue Reading →

Point of No Return

This post highlights the new Greenpeace report of the same name.  A worthy document giving a comprehensive account of the dangers to our way of life from known planned expansions of the fossil fuel industry through increased CO2 emissions by 2020.  Just seven short years away. How old will you be in 2020? While the report is... Continue Reading →

“Humans are a plague on the Earth”

“Humans are a plague on the Earth” Who said that?  'Twasn't me, although I have recently and independently come to the same conclusion myself. No, it was (at least for the most recent utterance) none other than that internationally known and revered, highly honoured and decorated naturalist, named among the 100 Greatest Britons, Sir David... Continue Reading →

Remembering The Permian

Do you remember the Permian?  No, it is not some mid 20th century hairstyling system. No, of course you don't remember.  You weren't around on this planet some 250 million years ago, so how could you. Or perhaps you and I were a part of that scene if my reading of Rosicrucian and other cosmological... Continue Reading →

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