Syria Recovering From West-led Aggression

"Syria’s Assad Says Country Has Potential to Overcome West’s Crushing Siege – Video" - Sputnik News Syria's much loved and re-elected president, Bashar al-Assad, out and about among his people, overseeing the nation's recovery from US-led Western aggression, mostly attributed to their terrorist accomplices - the only thing left to them now being resource theft... Continue Reading →

Herding Renegade Yanks in Syria

Herding renegade Yanks, that's what I like to see.  They were obviously lost and needed to be shown where the door is.  Bravo, Russia!  Let's see more of this. "Video of US-Russia troops confrontation in Northern Syria this week. Politico reporting that 4 US troops were injured as result" - Syria.liveuamap More video. Possibly a... Continue Reading →

Syria – A Low Stakes Affair

I used to think the Syrian conflict would be over by Christmas, but that was several Christmases ago.  Now I think it is meant to be a more or less forever thing - for the benefit of some of the world's major military powers - none of which appear to be capable of or show... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Time Over in Syria?

Nothing much of any major significance has happened in Syria in recent days but tomorrow, May 25, could be a day to break that mostly sleepy spell which has been a respite and regathering for all incumbent terrorist forces in the area - as forecast when the Idlib ceasefire came into force - something that... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening In Syria?

While Syria is never far from my thoughts, nothing of any real consequence that may radically alter the situation for the better has been happening there (at least on the surface) since the so-called ceasefire in Idlib province began almost 2 months ago.  Although there are fresh reports that remaining civilians trapped north of the... Continue Reading →

Fuck Mike Pompeo

It seems entirely appropriate on this day, March 18, 2020 to feature a video first published 3 years ago in remembrance of the start of the Syrian conflict exactly 9 years ago.  By chance I found the video buried in one of the links covered by my previous post today.  It reveals the truth -... Continue Reading →

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