Fuck Mike Pompeo

It seems entirely appropriate on this day, March 18, 2020 to feature a video first published 3 years ago in remembrance of the start of the Syrian conflict exactly 9 years ago.  By chance I found the video buried in one of the links covered by my previous post today.  It reveals the truth – with video evidence – behind the Gulf and Western inspired, so-called, peaceful revolution starting in March 2011.  The video was made by Syriana Analysis.

I want to share here the final statement in the recording.

“As you can see, on this day 6 [now 9] years ago, our lives were destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.  And behind them, Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, American, French, British, Israeli, and many other imperialist governments.  Fuck them all.”

To which I would add, especially fuck Mike Pompeo and all lying bastards like him.

One day there will be recompense …but never enough.  

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