Who To Thank For Low Oil Prices Just Now? Vladimir Putin.

If ever there was a man, made and destined for the times he lived or lives in, and especially for today’s times, it is the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir V Putin.

It is difficult to find something worth writing about at the moment (perhaps because there are too many choices) but this story by Tom Luongo (linked below), the full import of which has not yet been realised, cries out to be shared and spread among those who care.  It explains much of the markets mayhem witnessed over the past weeks, in March 2020. 

I cannot claim to have detailed knowledge of the hidden spells and machinations concocted by the wizards and gremlins in the dark places of the global financial system.  Things like ‘repos’, ‘derivatives’, and many other terms with which I am possibly fully unacquainted, so I take what is said on trust in that regard.  But I can understand – and if I can, then I reckon anybody could – the part that says:

“…if there was ever a moment where Putin and Russia could inflict maximum pain on the United States via its Achilles’ heel, the financial markets and its unquenchable thirst for debt, it was this month just as the coronavirus was reaching its shores.”

and (combining a few short quotes),

“On Friday March 6th, Russia told OPEC no … I do believe this move to break OPEC+ and then watch Mohammed bin Salman break OPEC … by doing so in less than a week he has completely shut down the U.S. financial system … It means, in short, the world financial markets have completely seized up.”


“For years Putin has been begging the West to stop its insane belligerence in the Middle East and across Asia. He’s argued eloquently at the U.N. and in interviews that the unipolar moment is over and that the U.S. can only maintain its status as the world’s only super power for so long. Eventually the debt would undermine its strength and at the right moment would be revealed to be far weaker than it projected.”


“Better to take the world oil price down well below U.S. production costs which ensure that Trump’s prized LNG stays off the European market as the myth of U.S. energy self-sufficiency vanishes in a puff of financial derivative smoke.”

finally, the master stroke…

“Now Trump is facing a market meltdown well beyond his capacity to fathom or respond to. While Russia is in the unique position to drive costs down for so many of the people while riding out the shock to the global system with its savings.”

For years, even decades now, the US has been acting as if – and engineering government policy towards further inducing the concept – Russia is weak, unstable, and on its last legs.  Well, Russia may have been in that position twenty to thirty years ago (again mostly a situation engineered by the US and other Western interests), but then along came V.V. Putin.  Thanks much to the efforts of that man and the direction and impetus he inspired, today’s Russia is as far removed from the Russia of thirty years ago – still not having yet reached its heyday horizon – in inverse proportion to how far the US has slipped from its own national heyday somewhere in the middle of last century.

Now, that’s a story.  A story for today. And hopefully, a story for better and more stable tomorrows for everybody who has claim, and can somehow make it through the current and coming mayhem, to see some of those.

Read the whole story here:

“Putin Unleashes Strategic Hell on the U.S.” – Tom Luongo – via The Titanic Lifeboat Academy (with link to original on Strategic Culture Foundation)


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