How Will We Remember Spring 2020?

Let me first say that for me it is Autumn, not Spring, but that is beside the point.

Every day now, The Virus (let’s start calling it that shall we?) numbers become worse and worse.  The figures, for what they are worth (but you can bet your boots they are proportionate to reality) are chillier and chillier.  The Virus is proving to have a more than 10% death rate on a global level.  Let me explain:

Today, worldwide, there have so far been over 99,300 individual results – individuals who have either died or got better (recovered) from the disease.  This is a small fraction of the total identified cases of individuals contracting The Virus, but the majority of those ‘cases’ are as yet unresolved – the individuals are neither dead nor recovered, and so statistically cannot be counted as being either one or the other.  Eventually they will be counted as one or the other. then, and only then, can they be accounted for in the death rate. Does that not make sense to you?  Well that is not what official figures are based on.  So the official figures are wrong, and grossly misleading.

Of the 99,300 resolved cases to date, over 10,000 (this article – linked below – gives the figure as 10,255, from official reports) deaths have occurred as a result of The Virus.  10,255 is rather more than 10% of 99,300.  If the figure is vague and possibly inaccurate, that does not matter because the base figures are, by the nature of how they are collected, also a bit vague and inaccurate.  But I’m fairly sure they will be representative of the facts (as I said before – proportionate to reality).

So, what does this all mean?  Well, the death rate will change, up or down, as the count progresses – just as an hour by hour political election ballot count may swing one way and then the other until all votes have been counted.  But on the current figures, at the global level, which is the only safe way to look at it until national variances are examined, if you are diagnosed with having The Virus, you have a slightly less than 90% chance of recovery or, put another way, a slightly more than 10% chance of dying.  And that is very different to what is currently being promulgated by official reports. 

At this point you might want to consider the more broader consequence of this situation. It has been said that somewhere between 60-80% of the global population is likely to contract The Virus. Let’s go with the lower figure. Sixty percent of eight billion (we are only a whisker off that now, so any more talk of seven billion is just propagandish [I am by no means the first to use that word] nonsense), is some 4.8 billion people. That is a lot of people. Almost 2 out of 3 of us. Assuming the death rate ends up being the 10% I spoke of then, sadly, that means 480 million of us will die as a direct result of The Virus.

Read the previous paragraph again. Just the one repeat will do. Now, has that sunk in? What will be the consequences of all that loss to humanity? Well, I didn’t really intend getting into that here, so I won’t. Just give your imagination a little free rein to wander where it will in contemplation of that. I will just say that of those 480 million lost ones – meaning that all but the most fortunate extended families will suffer some loss and some could suffer major loss – many will have held minor but still important positions within their communities, but many will also have held critical and powerful, possibly irreplaceable posts within theirs. Let’s leave it there for now. How much effort you put into thinking on that is entirely up to you.

I will make one further observation.  It is now obvious that the US has been lying about the effects of The Virus on its people, or perhaps through incompetence and governmental inadequacy has not been able to identify the real cost until the last few days – hence the surge in US numbers yesterday. And who knows if even that is the full picture?

On this, Ilargi makes the prediction that “The US has overtaken France, and will in the next few days pass Germany, Spain, and then Iran.”  That would make the US the third most affected nation in the world, behind only China and Italy.

So, if some deranged US government lunacy afflicted entity did start this, as has been suggested – to bring down China – and I’m not saying they did or didn’t or even if that is worth considering, the American people are going to suffer a blow back effect as bad as folk anywhere and possibly worse than most.

Isn’t Spring a beautiful season?  Are we going to remember Spring 2020?  And what will we remember it for?

“Debt Rattle March 20 2020” – Ilargi – The Automatic Earth

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