Diversionary Pursuits

Here's something different from my normal cycle of expressed interests, although I have very occasionally mentioned it before. There are not many online (or offline) games on which I have spent more than a hundred hours or so, and less than a handful on which I have  enjoyed playing for more than a thousand hours. ... Continue Reading →

Phantom Nation

Occasionally, The Saker produces a piece of writing that is truly epic in stature and ruthlessly honest in its directed thoughts.  On those occasions there is immense power in his words.  His latest post on 'The Saker' blog is one such epic and powerful piece. The Saker makes an appeal to all who read that... Continue Reading →

New Zealand: Taking An Independent Position?

In a recent post I exempted New Zealand from comments on full alignment of that nation with the views and actions of the Five Eyes security alliance.  This is not really something new.  New Zealand has always been true to and followed its own principles.   For a small, geographically isolated nation, that is a laudable... Continue Reading →

The Syrian People Have Spoken

"Russia sees Syrian election as important step towards enhancing stability" - TASS Once again it seems that both Russia and I see eye to eye.  The totally legitimate election scenario which took place in Syria over the past few days, culminating in a resounding victory once more for the only personage qualified and needed to... Continue Reading →

We Are Already Fucked

'Fucked: Put in a difficult or impossible situation'. That is as good a secondary definition as any, of a perfectly respectable (I'm declaring it so) though much abused English word - found in every English dictionary. I have never been one for 'gilding the lily' or otherwise camouflaging reality to satisfy public opinion.  But the... Continue Reading →

End of the Road for US Regime Changes

"The Syrians head for polling centers tomorrow to elect President of the Republic" - Syrian Arab News Agency, 25-05-2021 This election, observed by delegations from several other nations, is an expression of the unbowed will of the Syrian people who have for more than decade faced Western terrorism from their Wahhabist, Zionist and NATO oppressors. ... Continue Reading →

The Grand Entrapment Scheme

Swiss Artists Against Cohviiid Restrictions... (a portrayal of the new normal) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b89W4mijN4c This is the New World Order, The Great Reset, The Rules-Based Order, The New Normal, all rolled up into one Grand Entrapment Scheme conjured from some deep basement swamp in a drunken, drug-enhanced, delerium, at some deranged elitist WEF orgy.  Repeated endlessly until... Continue Reading →

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