Being on the Right Side of History …and Other Imponderables

I have only two things which I consider important (to me) to say today …but for me the day is not yet old.

The first is that I find myself opposing everything the West says or does these days. That is not so surprising when you think about it since everything the West does today is either amoral or immoral. There is no morality left anywhere in the West.

Take for example the fact that they still rail against the Islamic State and to a lesser extent al-Qaeda. This is an utterly amoral position to take while at the same time they also, overtly now, support and supply both those illicit organisations as an integral platform of their foreign policy as an (not altogether successful) aid to achieving their geopolitical aims. And that is utterly immoral.

The same can be said for virtually everything in which the West is involved. The latest of course being the hue and cry over Belarus taking advantage of a situation where a wanted self-exiled dissident landing unexpectedly on their doorstep after inadvertently being flown over the country’s territory. It is perfectly natural they would arrest him. And you can’t tell me that any Western nation would not have done the very same. I will add hypocrisy to their immorality crime sheet. Who is on the right side of history there?

The other thing I want to mention is the deplorable situation in which we all find ourselves living, or existing, today. This was brought into focus for me most recently through an interview of actress Kirstie Alley on the Tucker Carlson show. I should state that I don’t watch that show or any other commercialised television output but, when browsing for news online, items, both good, bad, useful or indifferent, are brought into focus. This lady has something useful to say – which is rare from celebrities of any kind. A video excerpt is embedded below.

The thing which caught my eye was her thoughtful questioning of the fact that everyone is suddenly mentally ill or physically sick (a notion I have brought up from time to time). We are all being drugged up on pharmaceuticals (not actually all of us of course, but most) it seems, as the only available solution to our maladies. What Kirstie is saying is that she does not want to be subject to drugs but if she is depressed or anxious she wants to know why. An admirable point of view. Why is illness of some form the new norm? And why drugs the only offered solution?

It’s a simple question, and there’s a simple answer of course, if we care to examine the facts.

The world, our world, the world we have made over recent centuries, has become toxic to us through our own actions or by our allowing those who profit from the making of current remediations (the pharmaceutical drugs we willingly use) – which are not in fact remedial in any real way – but sustaining of the continuous nature of our ills (making us reliant on them for ever) – to also have progressively rendered a once balanced planetary biome (never actually suited to human beings but neutral enough for our viable existence in some places) to become actually and actively dangerous through implementation of pre-determined moves to make it that way. And all this being enacted simply to satisfy a profit motive for the benefit of a few. I think that, in a nutshell explanation, answers all of the “why’s” we could ever raise on the imponderables we face.

Taking all this together, I think it fair to say we have engineered our own doom. We are collectively, the West at any rate, but at some level everyone – since westernisation runs apace – are guilty of being on the wrong side of history.

Is it better to recognise that, and live with the guilt while we can, or to live in ignorance and simply keep taking the pills (or vaccinations)?

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