The Grand Entrapment Scheme

Swiss Artists Against Cohviiid Restrictions… (a portrayal of the new normal)

This is the New World Order, The Great Reset, The Rules-Based Order, The New Normal, all rolled up into one Grand Entrapment Scheme conjured from some deep basement swamp in a drunken, drug-enhanced, delerium, at some deranged elitist WEF orgy.  Repeated endlessly until it has become their cherished dogma-soup, which you and me and everyone else is expected to gulp down and allow to creep and wriggle its way into every fibre of our being.  Making us into helpless, complicit, obedient fools, for their pleasure and enrichment. 

So, you want to be a ‘ghost’?  A zombie?  A ‘wokester’?  A drug-fueled psychotic or a drug conserved chronically ill physical wreck?  You want to plod through life in a haze of not-knowing?  You want to have total reliance on a ‘system’?  You want to be a thoughtless keeper of ‘their’ rules?  Well go ahead – have a nice foggy day  …and another …and another  …until you are all eaten away   …and you die, never knowing why.

I want to thank Tessa Lena for bringing this to my attention in her –On the Ghost of Disconnection’ – in Tessa Fights Robots

Me?  I will connect, when I need to, or perhaps to help out.  But I won’t go out of my way to feed, or join, the ghosts, the zombies, the wokesters, or the system.  I will live free, even alone (I’m used to that – long before COVID disconnection became a thing), but never lonely.  And I will die knowing everything I did, every word I spoke, every thought I considered, was all my own choice, to do or say or think.

I hope you feel the same.  Leave the ghosts be.  They will never be happy or unhappy  …and they will never know the difference.  If you need to separate, separate.  If you need to connect, connect with someone who is also free and knowing.  Dismiss the ghosts from your life.

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