Blowing Your Socks Off – An Introduction to Ernst Wolff Which Fills All Those Gaps in Your Understanding of Global Events

I make no apologies for requiring you, in your own self-interest, to do a considerable amount of reading today. If that is not on your agenda or is perhaps something you could come back to later, then I suggest you switch off now. But this is, I assure you, something quite out of the ordinary,... Continue Reading →

The Grand Entrapment Scheme

Swiss Artists Against Cohviiid Restrictions... (a portrayal of the new normal) This is the New World Order, The Great Reset, The Rules-Based Order, The New Normal, all rolled up into one Grand Entrapment Scheme conjured from some deep basement swamp in a drunken, drug-enhanced, delerium, at some deranged elitist WEF orgy.  Repeated endlessly until... Continue Reading →


When I found this amazing blog post (see also below, and thanks to Ilargi of The Automatic Earth, for the link) - in a truly amazing blog which is also known as 'Tessa Fights Robots', I first thought "Ah, here's someone who also enjoys playing the computer game 'Generation Zero', as I do. But no,... Continue Reading →

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