Blowing Your Socks Off – An Introduction to Ernst Wolff Which Fills All Those Gaps in Your Understanding of Global Events

I make no apologies for requiring you, in your own self-interest, to do a considerable amount of reading today. If that is not on your agenda or is perhaps something you could come back to later, then I suggest you switch off now. But this is, I assure you, something quite out of the ordinary, and you know, I hope, that I do not generally joke about important matters. Especially matters of global interest and impact.

So, what has happened that is of such importance? Well, if you follow my writing at all, you will be aware that we all live in unprecedented times. You will also be aware, from the situation around you, that things are rapidly coming to a head (as in a ‘boil’) and cannot remain the same for much longer without everything we know and have known all our lives (those of us who have lived long enough to have seen other, and different, times) suffering some kind of blow-up or blow-out which would drastically affect all of our lives in important ways. Perhaps even changing the very way that we live, day to day.

Such a great change is upon us, right now. And it continues to unfold every day in a very planned way. A plan that has been in operation for years, decades even – mostly without our knowledge (though we suspected something was going on to which we were not being made privy). And even now, it continues to be enacted without the knowledge or suspicion of most folk. But you, since you are reading this, have at least some inkling that something is going on. Something possibly sinister in nature, that is promoted to be ‘for our own good’. A plan in which your and my future is expressed as “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”. Where have you heard that before? Have you heard that before?

I am not going to say much more but I am providing you the opportunity to learn more of this plan – through a couple of online links – and forewarned (if you don’t already know this stuff) is forearmed for what is undoubtedly coming your way. These are centred on a man, a German, of whom I confess to know little but who instantly impressed me as, first, knowing what he is talking about, and then as being someone who is trustworthy and has no set agenda. He is Ernst Wolff, a journalist and author specialising in the global financial system. He does not even have a page entry in the English Wikipedia but is represented in the German version (you are going to need a browser translator). His Twitter account promotes him as ‘Wolff of Wall Street’ – a take on the 2013 movie of the same name but lacking one ‘f’. His recent work has been recognised by fellow German Dr Reiner Fuellmich and is mentioned in the video I shared in a post yesterday.

Ernst Wolff – Uncovering the Corona Narrative

This is his full description of the not credibly well hidden plans for global change. There is a video (in German with English subtitles) but we who are not fluent in German language should focus on the transcript of that video: Uncovering the Corona Narrative by Ernst Wolff (this is a pdf file, not the MS Word of the original).

I urge you, in the strongest terms I can (without shouting), to read this document in full and then share it as widely as possible among your associates. It is highly readable and, to me, makes complete sense – in that it completes the picture I have for so long held in my mind without the final touches that this document brings (although I do host a whole lot of inter-related mind-pictures, many of which never have their gaps fully explained). I fully endorse all that Ernst Wolff says here. A truly remarkable and most important work. We cannot all know everything, all the time, but we can share what we do know – as this document does – pooling our thoughts for the good and the benefit of all.

Ok, that was the first thing I wanted to share. It was the product of a presentation given by Ernst Wolff in August 2021. The second item is also by Ernst Wolff (we probably owe him a great debt of gratitude), a video interview, one of the best I have ever seen, from December 2020 (when a certain D Trump was still in top US job), conducted completely in English this time (Wolff speaks better English than most English folk), and which amplifies and augments what is said in the transcript above.

I give you (it’s not YouTube, so can’t embed it) : The Economic Reset with Ernst Wolff

If those two links haven’t blown your socks off, well…

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