Democracy, On The Nose

OK, I know this article comes from the Iranian news agency FARS, which may for some Westeners not be a source they would normally turn to for information (though I personally find it to be usually well thought out and sourced, and also level-headed - not glammed up or distorted, as Western news tends to... Continue Reading →

Green-Washing At Its Best

It's a Capitalist world.  Nothing happens unless there is profit to be made. Capitalism is inherent to modern society, and arguably always was on some level.   So how are we supposed to manage the impending collapse of modern society, such a collapse being a given, and inevitably entailing a corresponding collapse of society's entangled capitalism, if,... Continue Reading →

“Bullshit Jobs” – Part 2

OK, it's tomorrow, and yesterday I said I would do something, now.  That's unusual for me.  I have lived my life, as far as possible, avoiding the making of  such promises.  Especially since I became unencumbered by most of those commitments a decade or so ago.  Commitment which most of us tend to pick up... Continue Reading →

Winners and Losers in the Virus Handicap Race

"The winners of the SARS-CoV-2 panic are communist-socialist-anti-imperialist peoples. The losers are the 99% in gangster capitalist Eurangloland and its global vassals." - Geoff Brown - via The Titanic Lifeboat Academy  I share this article because I am strongly anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist in all aspects of that in my views, though, while socialist in principle, not... Continue Reading →

There’s Always The Brick

Today I am sharing a Guardian article that has at this time achieved almost a quarter of a million shares, indicating that it has hit a nerve somewhere in the popular conciousness.  It is the second article in two days that I have come across which uses terms like 'horror story' or 'horror show'  to... Continue Reading →

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