Winners and Losers in the Virus Handicap Race

“The winners of the SARS-CoV-2 panic are communist-socialist-anti-imperialist peoples. The losers are the 99% in gangster capitalist Eurangloland and its global vassals.” – Geoff Brown – via The Titanic Lifeboat Academy 

I share this article because I am strongly anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist in all aspects of that in my views, though, while socialist in principle, not so strongly pro-socialist as a form of government. 

Both sides of the political spectrum, and let’s face it there are no others – there are only degrees of either, and both require big government to make them effective at a national level, and that – the concept of ‘nations’ – is the real problem.  Well, half of the problem.  The other half being the size of human population, which has historically made the splitting of what once were tribal groups into larger regional rather that local formations of peoples, necessary.  That will soon no longer be a problem.  Either that or there won’t be anyone much around to have problems.

Think of the bigger picture.  Don’t be hemmed in and limited by what is wrong with the current situation.  The current paradigm is not eternal.  It will pass.  There will soon be no need for or even the ability to sustain the concept of ‘nations’ – and therefore no need for intense political activity for a very long time – only possibly a return to a tribal governance system.

I have nothing further to say on the linked article.  It stands on its own merits.

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