Xinjiang, China – Listen to Experts

Not one to give up on expanding a good story, especially one that exposes the lies of a corrupt and evil West (mostly US based concoctions), I have here expositions by ex-UN experts and others beyond reproach, which concur with what I have been saying. Let's bury this obscene western venture to tar China as... Continue Reading →

“The Camel Marches While The Dog Keeps On Barking” – Uyghur Proverb

"Lies and slanders will not stop China's development. Western radical forces will not stop China's development. Nothing will. We have faith that people of all ethnic groups will continue to follow the Party and stay united. The best response to those attacking China and its Xinjiang policy is Xinjiang's stability, prosperity and harmonious development." Wang... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Look at a New Round of Russia-bashing

Here we go again.  Sour grapes leads the wet dreams of the kindergarten-cops intelligence services of the West to hatch for its political/media mouthpieces a new round of baseless, evidence-free, Russia-bashing propaganda - hot on the heels of flinging hot lukewarm barbs of criticism at China in recent months.   So weak.  So pitiful.  So expected.... Continue Reading →

Maintaining The Trust

In spite of the almost daily barrage of innuendo, misrepresentation and outright lies emanating from biased Western media, the disinformation and outright lies coming from Western government propaganda sources and the pure gibberish put out by oral mucous ejecting, rabid, uninformed and ill-informed internet opinion 'experts' and trolls, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin still, after... Continue Reading →

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