Xinjiang, China – Listen to Experts

Not one to give up on expanding a good story, especially one that exposes the lies of a corrupt and evil West (mostly US based concoctions), I have here expositions by ex-UN experts and others beyond reproach, which concur with what I have been saying. Let’s bury this obscene western venture to tar China as acting ‘genocidally’ in its Xinjiang province, against Uyghur Muslims, once and for all. There is no basis to it. None at all. Western governments, media, and funded (thus pliable) organisations are all simply lying through their teeth. Maybe they took the wrong colour pill for all I know, or they are doing it through fear or for personal benefit or sheer stupidity. But that is exactly what they are doing. It must stop, even if a huge public outcry is necessary to achieve that. That is not going to happen of course because most westerners are fat, lazy dumbos who would prefer to sit in front of their goggle-boxes, stuffing their faces with donuts and being told what they should be thinking – rather than exercising what few brain cells they have which still work.

Never mind, the western lifestyle, which has long defied all known laws of physics and mathematics, will shortly crash. And may eventually partially reorganise itself on a much lower base of functionality and simplicity.

But don’t listen to my rantings, which are born out of frustration that the end has so far not materialised – though I’m sure it is not far away – but read what these informed people have to say…

“Genocide accusations against China Sinophobic propaganda, says former UN expert” – XinhuaNet

With the short video in that article adding credence to the expert opinion, surely there can be no valid argument on who is telling the truth?

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