Undermining Peaceful Interaction, Stupid US Schemes – Uyghur Assoc President

“Uygur religious organization blasts US schemes to harm China’s ties with Islamic world”  –  TASS

Let this be widely known…

“The anti-Chinese [political] forces in the United States … seek to create obstacles for cultivating ties between China and Islamic countries. We express our strong dissatisfaction and protest in this regard.  All attempts aimed at undermining peaceful interaction in the religious sphere and against peaceful coexistence of peoples are stupid schemes that will lead nowhere.”

This is a quote from a speech made by President of the Islamic Association of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Abdurekip Tumulniyaz, on May 13, at a government reception (not clear which government, presumably Provincial) on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr Islamic holiday, which marks the end of Ramadan.

The president went on to point out that Muslims face violations of their civil rights in the United States from time to time. Numerous cases of such discrimination against Muslims have been recorded.  Implying, I think, in my own vernacular, that the US should shut the fuck up, on the issue of alleged Chinese actions.

Let it also be widely known, that China has a Uyghur Islamic population of some 11 million.  Most of them living contentedly in their own Autonomous Region of Xinjiang.  China has a problem of terrorism within its borders from some radicalised jihadis both from within this Muslim population and others, I think mostly Kazakhs, also radicalised (most likely by the CIA), who have fled across the Kazakhstan-China border to hide among the Uyghurs – due to effective Kazakh government action to eradicate them.  The Chinese government is also dealing effectively with this problem by rounding up these subversives (far more humanely, I suggest, than any Western nation would in the same circumstances) and is trying to re-educate and de-radicalise them to become useful citizens.  Bravo China.  US heed the lesson.

The West says there are about a million of these radicals.  Who knows what the true number is?  But we can be assured that there is nothing underhand going on there.  No innocent citizens are being harmed in any way.  In fact it is probably fair to say that the Uyghurs like being Chinese citizens.  At least there is no genuine evidence that they don’t – only fake stories of dubious sourcing.  Which is of course standard Western practice. 

Added later:   A more comprehensive report on the same story came today (Friday, May 14) from a Chinese news source.  Well worth reading…

“Groundless claims on Xinjiang rebuked” – China Daily

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