The Evening Fade of Western Light, with Daybreak Rising in the East

When confronted on their baseless allegations in any situation, and MH17 is just an example, Western interests have no appetite for participation in any form of sensible, honest, dialogue.  They merely attempt to bluff, bluster and bully their way through such impediments, taking unwarranted and mostly facile steps aimed only at establishing the appearance of... Continue Reading →

The Dutch Incredibility Factor

"Dutch foreign minister’s speculations over plane crash in Iran impermissible — Zakharova" - TASS "It goes without saying that I entirely agree with what the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says about the Dutch foreign minister's ridiculous statements.  The Dutch government has lost all credibility over its obstinate handling of the MH17 affair to reach pre-conceived... Continue Reading →

Kiev Deploys Buks

"Kiev deploys four Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to Mariupol – DPR intelligence" Ukrainian military forces have deployed four Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to Mariupol in the country's south, close to the borders of the Donetsk People's Republic which broke away from Ukraine in 2014 following the Maidan incident and subsequent national unrest in Ukraine. Remember... Continue Reading →

No Holding Back – The MH17 Saga

This post inspired by:  Dutch media sue govt, demand it release full info on MH17 crash So, Dutch media are having to take the drastic step of suing their own government over the failure to disclose the truth about the bringing down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 last year. The case is said to be... Continue Reading →

Could Be Embarrassing For Some

Please watch and share this video as widely as possible. It records the real story of what happened to Malaysian Airline flight MH17, not the imaginary one that the world has been asked to believe by those actually responsible for the tragedy and those governments with vested interests in promoting those lies, as I have... Continue Reading →

Something To Talk About

I just found something to talk about, but I think I will let Jim Kunstler do the talking for me. We haven't heard much at all in the news about Ukraine and what those nasty, interfering  Russians are doing there, and how NATO is standing ready to save the day, lately, have we?  There's a... Continue Reading →

The Silence Has Been Deafening

I have made some fairly pointed statements, both here and on my Facebook page, in the last month or so about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 affair but I haven't said much about this over the last few days. That doesn't mean that my previously stated views have changed in any way.  I have just... Continue Reading →

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