The Silence Has Been Deafening

I have made some fairly pointed statements, both here and on my Facebook page, in the last month or so about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 affair but I haven’t said much about this over the last few days.

That doesn’t mean that my previously stated views have changed in any way.  I have just been waiting for those sources who were quick off the mark ( Obama, Abbott & Co., any of the EU leaders, etc.) to pile blame for the tragedy on Russia and/or the Russian speaking Ukrainian separatists in the East of that country, to produce any shred of evidence to support their claims.

The silence has been deafening.  The lies and innuendo have continued of course, quietly, just to keep the pretense going in order to support the imposition of sanctions on Russia for which there is no justifiable basis.  There are other reasons for the sanctions, many of which I have spoken of earlier.

There have been developments though, which entirely back up my assertions that it was the Ukrainian government (or some of their wild-card supporters, perhaps even US supplied mercenaries or ‘military advisers’).  I am speaking of this report: Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts: White House vs. Intelligence Community? for example which was re-posted yesterday on the website of Republican and US ex-Congressman Ron Paul.  The report pits the research of some prominent US Intelligence Analysts against the Obama reported position and basically says the same things I have been saying all along.

I will wait for denials but I doubt there will be any carrying any credence.

Further, Ron Paul is also personally saying ‘Why Won’t Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone?’. You can find the full text of this piece also on the Ron Paul Institute website if you don’t trust the reporting from Russia Today.  I personally find this to be quite a useful alternate information source.  OK, I know, Ron Paul would say things like he does in that article wouldn’t he, being on the other side of politics to the current White House incumbent?  But some things can be thought of as transcending opposing political ideologies.

My view remains, fortified by this new information, that the innocents on MH17 died needlessly for Western greed for resources and continued expansionism of US influence.

Added after publication:

Still confused about who shot down MH17? Here’s a very interesting read:  What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine? . Maybe, just maybe, I can withdraw my conjecture about direct intervention by CIA or other US ‘advisers’ in this despicable act, though their presence and influence is indubitably real.

It becomes clearer that the US does have satellite evidence of what occurred but it makes sense as to why this has not been publicised. The reason is because it fingers the Ukrainian military, the forces controlled by the US installed puppet government in May. More specifically by government ministries that through power sharing are headed by right wing militias known to have collaborated with the Nazi SS in WW2 and whose stated aim is to annihilate the Russian ethnic population of Eastern Ukraine.

Now that does make sense and also accounts for the renewed and frenetic military offensive being conducted by Ukraine government forces to impede and prevent the work of international investigators from proceeding and to destroy the crash site.

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    1. I read Orlov’s earlier piece and will go through the link you provided. He has a unique background perspective for comment on this.

      I just added an ‘after publication’ addition to my post, which you may not have seen.

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