Oh No! Those Nasty Russians Are Biting Back!

Oh, poor Australia.  Is nasty Russia biting back?  There, there.  This is not, I’m afraid, something that mummy can fix.  Serve us right.  Life is not a one way street and if you want to play with the big boys you have to have a big game to bring.  And that is something that little Australia just does not have.

Our stupid government should have kept its mouth shut instead of groundlessly blaming Russia for MH17.  Something which, along with our media and even the ABC which I find incredulous, it blindly continues to do.  We fell for (well the govt and media did, as well as a fair proportion of the uninformed population I suspect) the outright lies and deception of the US leadership along with the gutless nobodies who lead the EU and their jointly owned attack dog, NATO.  Even when it has been proven that the missile, if there was one (and that does not altogether fit the evidence on the ground), could physically only have come from Ukrainian military held territory.  See: Some Facts On Flight MH17Somehow, this information needs to get to the media.

So, Australia has, as a nation, lost some $400 million worth of food exports over the next year as a result of Russian sanctions aimed at those nations who jumped on the US/EU bandwagon.  Meanwhile New Zealand (who did not indulge in the same speculative rhetoric) will be cashing in by selling more cheese to Russia, and Brazil will be able to send them more beef.  As Mr Putin has said, this will also be an opportunity for Russian farmers to increase their own farming produce output to fill any shortfall in imports.  A very sound policy and something that perhaps they should have been doing all along.

Now our stupidly fearless leaders, including The Short’un (ALP Bill, that is), taken aback by the Russian move, have the audacity to say ‘who are the Russians to inflict sanctions on us?’ and ‘We’ll get them back through the WTO’.  What blind fools they are.

Meanwhile again, Europe has nothing to lose, well almost literally next to nothing, from moving closer to pushing Russia into yet another European conflict in order to cover up their own hopeless economic situation.

I just read this morning this article by Ilargi of The Automatic Earth and I must share here a quote from that piece which I see as being the most concise and accurate version of the truth of what happened in Ukraine over the last few months that I have so far seen.

“…let’s see what, again, do we know for sure so far, what we can prove?  Here’s what:

The EU and US instigated, financed and supported the Maidan movement, installed their very own handpicked government in Kiev, established an army aimed at eradicating all signs of discontent among Russian speaking Ukrainians in east Ukraine, with crucial parts played by CIA, Blackwater and various other mercenaries, blamed Putin for the downing of a plane without providing any evidence whatsoever of his involvement, announced a second series of economic sanctions on Russia, and then claim Russia has no reasons at all to announce its own set of counter sanctions.

It would be funny if it weren’t so out there.”

Ilargi appears to like long sentences just as much as  I do.

This is virtually the same expression of ideas as I have been saying recently, except that I was only following developments with a mild curiosity up until the MH17 incident when I began to see the injustice and deceit being promoted by the West and indeed championed by Australian leaders and media.

It is now clear to me that the ‘EU and US instigated, financed and supported’ Maidan protest movement is the self-same force, now backed by the Ukrainian military (whose ministerial control they share with the new government), that is now seeking to destroy and eradicate the ethnic Russian population in the East.  Once you have seen that connection, and it has fully registered with you, then everything else falls neatly into place. The instigators, the backers, the objectives, and the motives, are revealed.

The Russian speaking separatists are not the murdering criminals being portrayed by Western media.  They are an ethnic minority fighting for their lives and homes against the real murdering criminals.  President Putin would be entirely justified in sending his military might to defend these peoples rights.  Maybe he should have done that a long time ago but he is a master strategist so I expect he will play his hand at just the right time.  Since Obama shows all the signs of being afraid of Putin, nothing much would happen to stop such action, except some EU nations might get a bit uppity and need to be put in their place.

No nation has ever successfully pitted itself against Russian might.  Germany should remember that they are still 2-0 down on that score from the previous century.  France may need to think back to what occurred just over two centuries ago.  Australia, as a player remote from and irrelevant to such a stoush, should just keep schtumm.


Afterword:  I seem to be writing quite a lot about events centered in a little known and far off place situated at a critical point between two or perhaps three different cultural groupings on the world’s largest contiguous land mass.  A place that I may have flown over once or twice, but to which I have never visited.

My reasons for dwelling on this area are that I feel that it may hold the key to momentous changes to the lives of all of us over the coming months or years.

Could it be that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of globalisation?  Where nations begin to look internally to their own stability and sustainability (ugh! hate that word).

Could it be that we are witnessing the initial phases of the final war to end all possibility of future wars?

Could it be that we are witnessing the point in history when nations start to turn to cooperation rather than confrontation?

Could this year, 2014, be the year that everything changes, for better or worse?

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