Yes Folks, Still (Re)Counting in US 2020 Election

Ol' Joe Biden, the holographic Fake-president of the US, recently completed his first 100 days in office.  I think, with some conviction, that he is unlikely to celebrate 200 days in the seat he fraudulently usurped from then incumbent Donald Trump. Yes folks, they are still counting, or actually recounting, forensically recounting, 2020 election ballots. ... Continue Reading →

The Insurrection Wars, Begun They Have

"Insurrection Versus Insurrection" - Kunstler Jim Kunstler, thankfully, continues his line on the current political and social dilemma facing America and, unless and until he goes off all "cockamamie" (that's a quote), I will continue to post his views in full here.  Thank goodness there is at least some level-headed public commentary still available from... Continue Reading →

Kunstler: Fog and Noise

You think I wouldn't feature Kunstler after what happened this week, or that I would keep my own head down?  You would be wrong.  Trump may be down, but not necessarily out.  Does he have a plan?  Does it involve the military or sections of the military?  It's all, as Kunstler says, "Fog and Noise"... Continue Reading →


150 million Americans have been illegally disenfranchised. What happens next? Donald Trump has gone. But Donald Trump never really mattered. He was merely the figurehead for an idea. An idea that suited half of all Americans just fine. And without commenting on the actual idea, and while some form of election cheating may have occurred... Continue Reading →

One for you, two for Me…

When you are counting votes in an election, you would expect the numbers to keep increasing, don't you think?  At no time, or at various times in various places, would you expect sudden reversals of the count.  Hmm...  I wonder.  Well, I don't wonder, it's pretty damned obvious there was chicanery going on in numerous... Continue Reading →

Blatant media lies about Trump

He may be a semi-literate SOB, unable to personally make a coherent argument about anything, let alone explain the fraudulent doings of the Democratic party and US intelligence agencies, and even though I am an anti-capitalist myself, he does not deserve the treatment of lies, fraud, cheating and even sedition that have been arrayed against... Continue Reading →

A Critical Moment in Time

This is VP Mike Pence's moment in the sun.  The point-in-time event for which he was obviously born and sent into the world.  Is he up to it?  Will he make it count? I wish I could pin some hope on that, but you never know.  I have often criticised Mr Pence as being something... Continue Reading →

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