Yes Folks, Still (Re)Counting in US 2020 Election

Ol’ Joe Biden, the holographic Fake-president of the US, recently completed his first 100 days in office.  I think, with some conviction, that he is unlikely to celebrate 200 days in the seat he fraudulently usurped from then incumbent Donald Trump.

Yes folks, they are still counting, or actually recounting, forensically recounting, 2020 election ballots.  The first such recount to be undertaken. At the moment this is just in Arizona, and in a single county – by court order, but soon, and depending on the findings there, I feel there will be a rush of such recounts in many other places, some of them key to the overall result.

This recount has been going for some days now and I have held back from discussing it in case it proved to be just another fizzler effort.  It isn’t.  Despite desperate attempts by Democrats and their captive media mates to have it shut down.  That’s not going to happen this time and there is no deadline for completion of the process.  There is also a blackout on information leakages  as to how it is going.  So, if you see media stories about this before the official report is issued, simply ignore them.  A video interview with the official audit director, explaining all that, can be seen in the linked SOTT article.  I specifically chose to share this article now because it is the only unbiased reporting you will find on the matter.

“Arizona audit chief says probe of 2020 fraud is gaining momentum” – Signs of the Times

Some of 2.1M ballots cast in 2020 election up for recount

From other sources of the story (and there are many), figures like a potential 250,000 ballots could swing from Joe to Donald, but that is simply conjecture from estimates floating around from last year. Even so, could we see Biden ousted and Trump reinstated?  And does it matter?

Well, there are principles of honour and honesty at stake and abuse of the democratic process to consider.  America is being torn apart as a result of that election and confidence in due process is at an all time low – not that this is an exclusive US predicament. 

I would say that to anyone outside of America it will make little difference whichever way it goes.  And for Americans, well, sadly I think the nation is now far too divided to ever recover from the disruption that would ensue from a Trump return, or perhaps even were that not to be the case.  Though I would like to see him back, if only for the dramatics and theatricality factor.  Also, and perhaps more importantly, because justice demands it.  Depending on the findings, of course, of this, the first such true and forensic investigation into the matter.

I wouldn’t expect to hear any more on this until the current month is out.  But you never know.  

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