“Aging and Declining Competitiveness of the American and Western Way of Governance”

That, my friends, and anyone with opposing views who may have stumbled here by accident, or those who consider me to be a threat to the West (he laughs in subdued tones) who may be snooping here (feel free – you may learn something), is precisely why we see the geopolitical shenanigans so prominent in Western circles today. The West is dismayed to find itself in this position – which it only recently came to awareness and perhaps not yet full acknowledgement of in some quarters, and with a form of bulldog like intransigence still prevalent in others – and is at a loss to know what to do about it. As is often the case in such situations, raising the voice in threats, striking belligerent poses and applying such perceived ‘pressure’ as it can muster on those with whom it thinks it finds itself at odds, appears to be the only play to be made. Without any consideration as to the level of effectiveness of such actions – on either those they oppose or themselves. And it is true, there are few alternatives to that type of activity available, given the situation in which the West finds itself.

The West has obviously not given any consideration to the idea that they may have run their course and usefulness. Such usefulness as they may have once provided has either, now with no new frontiers to open up to modernity, or due to the brutal and oppressive methods employed in doing that in both the past and present, turned themselves into the most hated, if also most envied (for their perceived power and riches), sector of humanity.

Nor has the West considered what may become of them if the rest of the world chose to extract some form of revenge for past wrongs committed by the West. Perhaps it is fortunate for Western interests that most, if not all, other sectors of humanity do not share the same antagonistic belligerence as seems inherent in Western folks, and seem to be content to share the bounty (such as remains, following at least 2-300 years of plundering) of the world, equitably and peacefully with all, under the current system of International Law as laid down in the United Nations Charter in the year of my birth.

The West, on the other hand, still, in spite of all those considerations, wants and continues to aggressively push for, a world condemned for ever to exist under some fictitious (though maybe written down somewhere in a drawer in an office cabinet in some dark room in Washington) rules of governance they term ‘The Rule of Law’ or alternatively a ‘Rules Based Order’. Now, if ‘The Rule of Law’ said exactly what the UN Charter says, or not straying too far from it, by international agreement – where every nation, large or small, had equal input – that might be OK. It might even be an improvement. But until this ‘Rule of Law’ is revealed and examined in the minutest of detail and agreed by the representatives, fairly and freely chosen, of every person on Earth, then there is no point whatsoever in pursuing it. The West simply cannot be trusted to have come up with any equitable set of rules to supercede the UN Charter. And even less trusted to apply them. And, in any case, who gave the West the authority to devise and/or seek to impose such a set of rules?

There are signs that US political elites have either recognized or anticipated the aging and declining competitiveness of the American and Western way of governance, and are well aware that they are no longer capable of launching substantial reform. They hope to create a fundamental opposition, with which they can forcibly create an international system dominated by Western countries, excluding China and Russia, and maintain the hegemony of the US with the existing economic and technological stock advantages of the West. They hope that this new pattern will evolve through one conflict after another with China and Russia.

We need to warn Washington that it is playing a strategic game with fire and that it will never succeed.

Quote from linked Global Times article below

As things stand, ‘The Rule of Law’ must be considered to be simply a legitimising step for the West, led chiefly by, and in the end consisting only of, the United States of America or its future derivative World Government, to ‘oversee’ – that’s the most polite word I can use to describe whatever oppressive regime those who drive America now see as their ultimate goal and manifest destiny – the governance of the rest of humanity.

And who would be the only beneficiaries of that, do you think?

Well, we, the people of Earth, are not going to allow that to happen, are we?

I know that neither Russia nor China will permit that to happen. And probably a lot more other nations, when they see what is really going on, and I feel sure many already do, will feel the same way.

The West is currently ganging up on those two, quite innocent, quite friendly, quite cooperative and quite a lot more cultured and principled than any in the West, nations of Russia and China. That is perfectly obvious from whatever direction you are looking at this, but see this report for confirmation:

“Ganging up against China, Russia a nightmare trip for US, West: Global Times editorial”By Global Times – Published: May 05, 2021 09:14 PM

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

I chose to say this because I see this (the imposition of ‘The Rule of Law’ – not its opposition) as being the biggest threat to mankind today – apart from climate change, over-population and the active degeneration and collapse of society. It is difficult to place some sort of order of importance or relevance on all that, but one thing is clear to me – I don’t want to be some Yankee lackey or slave worker, or worse, in the future.

Not that I will be here, I expect, when all this is sorted out one way or another. But I have children, and grandchildren.

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