So, What Next for the Last Empire?

I tried, after the Putin-Biden summit, to explain how low-key was that meeting. There was at least far less of the usual bombastic rhetoric emanating from the western half of the proceedings - much to the dismay of certain parts of those quarters I suspect. But while on the surface it may have appeared that... Continue Reading →


150 million Americans have been illegally disenfranchised. What happens next? Donald Trump has gone. But Donald Trump never really mattered. He was merely the figurehead for an idea. An idea that suited half of all Americans just fine. And without commenting on the actual idea, and while some form of election cheating may have occurred... Continue Reading →

And There It Was… Gone.

I'm being a bit picky with which Kunstler posts I choose to share recently, but I have to feature this one.  His latest, as I write. And perhaps this goes some way to explaining why my posting has got a bit patchy of late.  Nothing much seems to have the importance or gravity that it... Continue Reading →

Generation COVID

“In the past four weeks, did you think you would be better off dead, or wish you were dead?” This is a question posed to Australian youngsters recently as part of an investigation into the effects of a global pandemic on those who are just now trying to pull together the threads of a life... Continue Reading →

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