So, What Next for the Last Empire?

I tried, after the Putin-Biden summit, to explain how low-key was that meeting. There was at least far less of the usual bombastic rhetoric emanating from the western half of the proceedings – much to the dismay of certain parts of those quarters I suspect. But while on the surface it may have appeared that no major plays were being enacted, it was clearly not the same picture below the sheets, so to speak. You can’t have up to 400 high ranking ‘experts’ from each side, conferring behind the scenes while the talkfest was ongoing, without some real work being done. Whether, in the event, that was the actual case, I guess we, you and I, may never be told. So we just have to watch and wait for future events to unfold, as they surely will.

The Saker often has a clearer picture than most, and on his blog just now is a long but very revealing description of this episode and where things stand between the major international players, as a result. I recommend you read it

“The Geneva summit: nothingburger or watershed?” – The Saker Blog

There is enough information in that Saker piece to raise the question “So, if that is how things stand right now, what comes next in the story of what has lately become known as the Last Empire?

The United States has taken a huge step in recognising its precarious position at this stage of human affairs. Quite an unbelievable step actually. Should we believe it? Well, even an exceptionalist should be capable of seeing the writing on the wall. Whether they have simply shelved their larger goals of world domination, hoping for more agreeable circumstances in future, is something we shall have to wait to see. But I think they really have no choice in the matter.

If, as appears to be the case, the US has abandoned (out of necessity and a realisation that it no longer has the capacity to accomplish) the concept of its own domination of the world – whether that abandonment is a temporary measure or something more permanent – what is the next step for the exceptionalist nation?

Let me suggest a potential plan – and then back it up with some more expert knowledge.

If domination of 8 billion people – or however many remain after the eventual devastating outfall from COVID vaccination and other destructive forces, both natural and manmade, have performed their grisly tasks – has become a pipedream of the past, what other lesser projects of a dominating nature could be considered as a replacement strategy?

Well, there is the captive audience of those 330 million (or what remains of them) folk who are US citizens. Probably an extra 100 million from the other 5-Eyes allies – in their own separate domains of course, never to mix with the exceptionalist crowd. Add in perhaps 200 million more from closely tied NATO pals, and that gives something over half a billion – in reality more like 250 million in total – mostly unwilling dominatees (slaves) to play with and turn into some sort of workforce and consumer base – once all the ‘terrorists’ and ‘dissenters’ have been weeded out and either exterminated or incarcerated. It may even be possible to begin the formation of a future super-race through modified and selective breeding programs. And then once again, the sky may be the limit for future endeavours. Perhaps to dream of future empires. Such are the leanings of demented exceptionalistic minds, forced by the cruel world of lesser beings, into new beginnings.

I reiterate what I have said several times before on the subject of empires. They come and they go. They rise and they collapse. As they have done ever since there were enough people in enough diverse groups, ranging from tribes to city states, to regional satrapies and on to more fully fledged nation states – which now cover and control large blocks of Earth real estate. Large scale empires have never co-existed, and while there may have been times of some overlap, one empire always has prevailed, with the ending and collapse of a prior contender, subsequently weakened by time and various excesses. Now, with the whole of the planet fully populated (a separate story by itself), are we looking at potentially seeing a global empire emerge? I am sure such a concept has entered the minds, schemes and plans of the current dominant (for the last century or more) proto-empire – never actually declaring or achieving full empire status – and even now, in recent days, being viewed as ‘The Last Empire’.

Why is a ‘Last Empire’ nomen being considered for the designs of the US? Well, simply because none of the potential rising nations that could supplant the proto-empire of the US, that is China, Russia, perhaps even Iran, have any indicated intention of forming a militaristic, dominant ruling power – either separately or together, preferring a more cooperative and mutually beneficial approach in dealings with other nations as recognised equals – and no other contender could possibly ever dream of doing so. That particular and, it has to be said, peculiar dream (global domination), has its only current proponent in the US nation state. And the dream will die with the collapse of that state.

We can even consider a step beyond those thoughts of empire, to a non-nation world government based around hugely wealthy and powerful corporate global elites – the first act of which, on the collapse of the Last Empire, would be to perform a ‘Global Reset’. Now, where have we heard that before?

Such a global empire would, of course, require a global security service and a subdued and fearful global population – perhaps much reduced in number and grateful after numerous difficult and traumatic years of existential struggle – for any kind of stable and reliable government to fulfill their daily basic needs. Can we see such a situation forming? Or even now perhaps just in an embryonic stage of development? No? Take a closer look.

What is now forming perhaps the next stage for what we know as the Last Empire, has all the appearances of such ideas beginning to be enacted as law in the US. Does the US intend to fold its own plans into those of the corporate world government, in a final desperate act to achieve global dominance and providing that global security service for the global corporate elite? In such a situation it is becoming much easier to be labelled as a ‘terrorist’ in today’s America – and also to be treated as one.

Take a look at this excellent description of those activities …and carefully consider what comes next.

Who Is A “Terrorist” In Biden’s America? – The Last American Vagabond

Far from being a war against “white supremacy,” the Biden administration’s new “domestic terror” strategy clearly targets primarily those who oppose US government overreach and those who oppose capitalism and/or globalization.

This ‘domestic terror’ strategy goes much further than the above quote indicates, and the article, which I hope you will read, goes into that in detail. It quite literally could be said to encompass every domestic citizen at one time or another, or in some circumstance or another. The wise will gain an understanding of that and choose whether to act accordingly or the more dangerous but right path of objection – knowing that, by doing so, they label themselves, under Biden’s new law, as a terrorist.

I fully realise that I have put together some randomised thoughts and in perhaps not the best order or framework to form a coherent picture, but I hope this gives some food for thought. Goodness knows, if we are not soon to become the unwilling slaves of some monster organisation from which there is no escape, other than death, we need people who can make sense of these matters to step forward and to make clear what the dangers are that we face.

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