Multiple-Nation Origin for COVID-19 Ends “Wuhan Flu” Controversy and Hypocrisy

There has been an awful lot of misleading hullaballoo in recent weeks over renewed calls for a search for COVID origins – mostly from Western sources. The drivers behind this, as with many other Western allegations on a variety of matters – in fact almost any accusations emanating from the West, on any matter at all, can generally be traced to the same sources – are completely understandable when it is realised and now proven that the earliest cases of the disease emerged months before the first Wuhan case and are to be found chiefly among a range of Western nations and chiefly in the US itself.

This finding further strengthens the case for Western hypocrisy – in this as, again, in most matters.

“US scientists report earliest known COVID-19 case a solid proof; next stage should be focused especially on the US: Chinese epidemiologist” – Global Times

A study of more than 24,000 samples taken for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research program in the US between January 2 and March 18, 2020 suggested that seven people in five states – Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – may have been infected well before the country’s first confirmed cases that were reported in January 21, 2020. 

The results suggest that the virus may have been circulating in Illinois, for example, as early as in December 24, 2019, one month earlier than the US authorities confirmed. 

The data suggests the virus was in the five states far away from the initial hot spots and areas that were considered its points of entry into the country, the study said.

Quote from linked GT article

A chief medical scientist in France claims the first outbreak in France was not related to the WUhan strain but “was caused by an indigenous virus, which was prevailing in the country even before 2020”.

Swedish epidemiologists believe that there were “cases of coronavirus in Sweden as far back as November (2020)”.

Reports from Italy (being investigated by WHO) suggest “the coronavirus may have been circulating in Italy since fall 2019”.

These and other evidences make it clear that SARS-COV-2 originated spontaneously (although that ‘spontaneity’ should also be questioned in light of the myriad of Western bio-warfare laboratories scattered all across the world) in multiple nation sites and also in multiple scattered sites within the US itself. Until all those sites have been properly investigated there will be no acceptable claims as to the origin of the disease found. My own personal view is that there is really no point in pursuing any of that investigation – this time. Too much water has flown under the bridge and too much time for evidential leads to be erased – if there are in fact any guilty parties. But next time, and there will be a ‘next time’, the world should be ready to disavow and disallow any ‘off the bat’, unevidenced allegations to be given headway – particularly from those who proliferate bio-weapons.

The West may continue to fool themselves with talk of ‘lab-leak’ theories directed solely at China, but no-one else need concern themselves on such obviously dubious matters. Unless of course, their own labs are all opened as a priority for first and detailed scrutiny and their deep involvement in the activities and financing of Chinese medical institutions is fully acknowledged and thoroughly investigated by independent (non-Western) authorities.

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