PROTECTION – Not what you think it is

DUE TO WORDPRESS AT TIMES BEING ABSOLUTE SHIT, I AM MAKING A NEW POST TO SAY WHAT I COULDN'T SAY IN MY PREVIOUS POST. I made this image. You may use it any way you like.  The quote is from:(video) And that is precisely the question that should be on everyone's lips. You may also... Continue Reading →

“For the Russian fighters on the battlefield such words as ‘honor’, ‘dignity’ and ‘courage’ are not meaningless”

This is about 'Private Military Companies', those unofficial armies of, I would say, almost exclusively ex-soldiers, meaning that they are in reality 'mercenaries' - paid, unlicensed, war machines for hire, and their role in the world where officially licensed soldiery i.e. the military wing of national governments, are just too expensive or too controversial to... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in True Democracy, From Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping, leader of the People's Republic of China, the most populous nation on Earth and perhaps the nation state most closely representative of true democracy on the planet, addresses the subject earlier this month. If people only knew how China is actually governed, they would realise the truth of that statement. Oh, I'm... Continue Reading →

Yes, there are intelligent, thoughtful people in Australia …somewhere

I think I found one. Or maybe two. The interviewee and, strangely enough, the actual interviewer in this Youtube video. The interviewee is, or was, having now resigned her position, a sworn officer in the Victoria Police. She explains the reasons for her resignation at this point in time. Surprisingly, actually not surprisingly - having... Continue Reading →

Is This A Joke?

"Diplomat rejects prospect of US stationing forces in Uzbekistan to ‘combat terrorism’" - TASS "Uzbekistan’s Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov flatly rejected any possible stationing of American forces in the Central Asian country to combat terrorism in Afghanistan, on Thursday." Is this a joke? I mean the idea, the presumptive idea, the naïve idea, the ultimately... Continue Reading →

Beware The Ides of October, November, …

I can't not share today's post - 'The Waiting Is The Hardest Part'. It is spot on. It is not clear to me just why businesses and governments choose 'The Ides' of a month ('The Ides', a Roman thing, marking roughly the middle of a month) to begin measures likely to engender unrest,... Continue Reading →

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