COVID 19: “A surreptitious method to thin the herd without the herd ever really knowing what was going on”

Alternative titles: “The conspiracy theory to beat all conspiracy theories” or “Why we should all support (but not necessarily take part in) the COVID vaccine solution”, or “Hush! The vaccine deaths will assume catastrophic proportions, but not everyone needs to know why”.

All of the above are my own work (at least I did not derive these suggestions from any known source) except the actual title quote, which is taken from this enlightening conversation style (Q&A) article on the UNZ Review: “Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply This Winter?” – Mike Whitney. Of course it refers to the northern winter, which is summer where I live.

I want to make my viewpoint clear on this matter. A view which has coalesced over recent weeks, perhaps months now, from vague outlines of ideas, previously held and often reported on this blog and elsewhere as those ideas formulated over a number of years to be what they are today. I have often been known to say that the rapid growth in human population – a quadrupling of numbers in less than 100 years (over little more than my own lifetime in fact) – is now a clear and present danger to the continued existence of humans on this planet. I have been on record as saying that at least – at least – 6 billion of us, out of the 8 billion projected by the end of next year, must die – and die quickly – if the remainder are to have any hope of survival. What I have never advocated, because I have never seen an acceptable way or plan (the thought being, as you no doubt also feel, too horrendous to contemplate) is how that might happen. But I think there is no alternative to the proposal that it must somehow happen. I have instead mostly relied on the assumption that nature itself (even assuming that nature has no natural ‘self’ with which to reason) would take care of the problem for us. That being, since nature is bigger than all of us and also beyond any power we may have (actually we don’t have) to control it, the only acceptable way in which it could possibly happen. The problem is that nature is not playing the game, or at least not in the required and necessary time-frame. Given time, nature would, and will, resolve the issue. I feel sure that this is what climate change is all about – having very little (other than in a very minor way) regard to pressures placed on the Earth’s physical status by we humans. We have a tendency to always overestimate our own ability to influence surrounding events. The adverse changes to global climate we are now beginning to witness are simply a reaction of nature to deal with just another pesky parasite infection that has now outgrown its usefulness – namely, us.

I have to make a paragraph break here, although this is still my viewpoint I am expressing. What I didn’t consider in all of this is the evil factor of the evil minds of other men who also ‘saw’ the problem we face, and who took it upon themselves to find their own evil solution to the problem. Enter the pre-engineered disease, SARS-COV-2. Not an earth-shattering disease in itself, at least no more so than any other coronavirus variant. But as the basis of the engenderment of a program of propaganda-manufactured fear and its resulting regime of compliance, leading to acceptance of a universal population poisoning under the guise of a vaccination program to place unnatural experimental chemicals into the bloodstream of as many humans as possible without the slightest hope of any curative effect, the virus had played its role superbly.

This was indeed a planned outcome. The plan being to largely depopulate the world of all those deemed to be unnecessary – starting with the old folk but also with the result of sterilising both the young and those of child-bearing age (so as to ensure the growth problem would not reoccur). Whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not, whether we support it or not, the plan is working.

And we, or the world at large, fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

OK. If we accept that, where are all the necessary deaths?

They are coming. But there is now no hurry. No need to panic. It’s all under control. The capability to ‘grow’ again has been cut off. At worst it is just a case of waiting for the living to die naturally. Preventing and curtailing all new births (briefly or permanently) always was a potential answer to the problem. But that is not fast enough. Ok, the old and weak, including those subject to various other illnesses, have been taken care of, and are now out of the picture. Seeds of illness (and I don’t need to go into that, the linked article explains it well) have been placed into countless bodies by the vaccines. These will bear fruit over the next several years in higher than normal numbers of deaths. And this is on top of the deaths of those who succumb to the vaccine almost immediately. Watch for the death rate to soar in the near future.

This is not just a ‘health’ issue. With large numbers of incapacitated or missing humans, how is society going to fare. Simple. Our highly structured and over-complex society will collapse, starved of its necessary inputs and energies. In fact, very soon we will have forgotten all about the pandemic, and growing deaths, when faced with much larger problems of shortages and eventual disappearance of the basic means to survive. Every single factor will be acting against that – and few will make it through the persistent turmoil – certain regions of the world, more used to subsistence living, may fare better than others.

What a perfect plan! Well, we would never have come up with an alternative solution ourselves. Well… would we? Or even, could we? Evil men have triumphed. Or so they think. While I will not be there to see it, my money is on some genuine and very contrite, chastened and frightened good people barely making it through to better times in years ahead to begin again, slowly, and much more wisely in some remote parts of the globe. Perhaps never knowing all that went on in the bad old times and the more favoured places.

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