Ten Lessons To Lead A Nation

"Analysts name Putin’s ten lessons for Russia’s future political leaders" - TASS There is not a doubt in the world that all through the 'Putin Time' Russia has grown and flourished like it would not have done under any other leadership. President Putin has manoeuvred Russia from being, and not entirely of its own doing,... Continue Reading →

Going Out With A Bang?

The single most dangerous time (for the world) in the cycle of US Presidential incumbency, especially with a President who has accomplished virtually nothing of merit or memorability, is the final year of office for the outgoing President. He, I was going to say 'He/She' but there never has been a 'She' and it looks... Continue Reading →

Maintaining The Trust

In spite of the almost daily barrage of innuendo, misrepresentation and outright lies emanating from biased Western media, the disinformation and outright lies coming from Western government propaganda sources and the pure gibberish put out by oral mucous ejecting, rabid, uninformed and ill-informed internet opinion 'experts' and trolls, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin still, after... Continue Reading →

High Ideals And Forward Thinking

Russia - A nation to look to for high ideals and forward thinking. While other major players on the world stage are bogged down in grubby, costly and destructive, oil centered dramas, Russia is aiming to be self-sufficient in food by 2020. "Ten years ago, we imported almost half of the food from abroad, and... Continue Reading →

Tick Tick Tick (per Jim Kunstler)

I often share posts by Jim Kunstler from his Clusterfuck Nation blog, but hey guys, this is a masterpiece of interesting writing, reflecting the typical dumb, canned attitude of US media towards Russia, and the brilliant take-down, but always polite, responses from President Putin.  Along, of course, with some biting Kunstler wit. To be enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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