Will Wednesday June 16 Be Another “Wake Up World” Moment?

“NATO to implement new concepts to counter “threats” from Russia – White House” – TASS

So this is what the NATO group-huddle around the coven cauldron over the next few days, plans to offer Russia. What Biden (Sleepy-Sleezy Joe, Touchy-Feely Joe) will have to say to President Putin on Wednesday.  Nothing has changed.  Nothing.

I expect their message is already well anticipated in Russia.  The NATO nutters are going to be very disappointed with how it is received by and in a Russia that appears almost angelic in comparison to the west.

Biden has nothing to offer, and nothing – in spite of the diplomatically placating and hopeful messages so far heard from the Russian side – is exactly what will be expected.

The west offers no conciliatory tone, no hand of friendship, no cooperative approach, no ease of sanctions, no non-adversarial words, no condition free relationship, no hint of humanity, no apologetic or attenuating stance for past wrongs. Not even any so-called “New Concepts” – which I guess expresses the limits of vagueness with which the US can concoct a counter to Russia’s (Mr Putin’s) previous announcement on weapons based on “New Physical Concepts”.  There is nothing on offer by Biden that would indicate any sense that the west may have even a vestige of feeling or humanity left in them.  Only threats, conditions, sanctions, demands, lies, self-elevation, and boasting of unachievable goals.  This is all the west has to offer.  Not just to Russia or to any other of the many perceived US enemies, but in fact to anyone anywhere else in the world outside the US.

Of course, the closer you think you are to the US, the less likely you are to be able to see or perceive any of that. 

Wake up world.  Your world could be very different after Wednesday.  Oh, you may not notice anything much at first.  I don’t expect there to be a big bang and instant mayhem.  But, accompanying the further US embarrassment (Does Ol’ Joe really think he can put one over on Vladimir Putin?) of a rejection of all US demands, assertions and threats, and perhaps on the receiving end of a few they didn’t expect themselves in return (it has already been made clear that Russia will not tolerate any further US shenanigans), there will be fermentations, concoctions and distinctly evil brews permeating the undercurrents of international intrigue which must burst asunder the COVID ravaged skin of human communal existence in ways we will not be able to ignore, and all before too much more water has passed under the bridge of time.

I can’t wait.  This is the stuff of dreams.  It’s what goes to sleep with me at night and also what wakes me up in the morning.  It is what we all are here for, just now.  The main event.  The changing of the guard.  The bringing of a new era.  The birth-pains of which are going to possibly be more than we, many of us, can bear.  It is so exciting.  Can you feel it? 

I’m sure that when Ol’ Joe wakes up on Wednesday morning, if he does, he will be entirely unaware and unprepared for what awaits him, and the repercussions his fumbling words will initiate.

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