Syria Recovering From West-led Aggression

“Syria’s Assad Says Country Has Potential to Overcome West’s Crushing Siege – Video” – Sputnik News

Syria’s much loved and re-elected president, Bashar al-Assad, out and about among his people, overseeing the nation’s recovery from US-led Western aggression, mostly attributed to their terrorist accomplices – the only thing left to them now being resource theft and sporadic killing in the areas they still control.   Syria would by now have been completely liberated of foreigners had the Syrian Arab Army’s advance not been stalled by unnecessary ceasefire arrangements called for by Western nations blubbering over the killing of terrorists back in March 2020.  The only result of which was to allow those terrorists, helped by Turkish slimebags, to regroup and consolidate the positions they still hold.  A situation that will undoubtedly be corrected soon, leaving Western forces still embedded among them no place to hide.  The Resistance forces of the region, Syria and its allies, aided by Russia, will prevail and the US cowards sent packing.  Of that I have no doubt.

Meanwhile, Syria is still in business, plagued by sanctions of course, but still managing to recover.   Long live Syria.  Long live Bashar al-Assad.  Long live The Resistance. Confusion and humiliation to the US and all who align themselves with the inhuman acts of that cursed nation.

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