Truth Remains Incarcerated While the Cornwall Circus Plays

Thrice Damned America (take this as being my third one today), along with its G7 consorts and an assortment of fawning concubines, South Korea, India, Australia, and the virtual Brazil, are meeting just now in Cornwall, UK.   Hosted by BoJo the Clown and with the guarantee of god’s ear under the blessings of his Chosen Man, ScoMo the Heretic Bishop of Oz, all should go as smoothly as dragging COVID Vaccine consignments through molasses on rubber pallets.

Wake me when its over.

Oh!  I almost forgot why I am writing this…  The following article was pointed out to me by a friend today and I simply and in all seriousness cannot not share it with you…

Original illustration by Mr. Fish

It’s about those Damned Americans again, and the beastly (in all the in-depth, diverse and colourful meanings of that word) way they are still treating Saint Julian of Wikileaks (respectfully so named), the revealer of dark secrets, which any normal human being would have long ago forgiven him for doing and might even have thanked and rewarded him for pointing out their erroneous ways, in contrite humility over damage done to others.   It seems it is not to be though, there being not a spark of humanity left in them.

But there is growing anger at the situation among the more thoughtful and aware.  Kindling this anger, some of which might spill over to BoJo and ScoMo (as accomplices after the fact), to a white-hot fever-pitch, may be the only answer to bring about the release of Julian.

This is a really good article from Chris Hedges, perhaps the best I have seen.  Focussed and factual, it raised my temperature quite a bit.  See what you think…

“Chris Hedges: Julian Assange and the Collapse of the Rule of Law” – Mint Press News

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