Yesterday, When The War Didn’t Begin

Reflections on the title of the excellent teen-novel and movie - 'Tomorrow, When The War Began', we can look back now to yesterday, when the most recently anticipated war, on Europe's eastern borders, failed to show up - causing red faces throughout the halls from which continually emanate issuances of fake western propaganda. That 'no... Continue Reading →

I Am Ashamed To Be A Westerner

Someone had to write this article I share below. It just happened to be Andre Vitchek, perhaps none more appropriate to the task - although a great many would qualify for it. I am not among them. I have spent my whole life a privileged Westerner. "Can China and Russia Survive in this Unharmonious World?"... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Crack-ups

I can share this.  It is Jim Kunstler's latest blog (which I have been boycotting for a while - not that I suspect anyone would have noticed).  But this one is good and gave me a few good laughs. America is cracking up.  What, you didn't know?  Where have you been?  I should, for my... Continue Reading →

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