Something To Talk About

I just found something to talk about, but I think I will let Jim Kunstler do the talking for me. We haven't heard much at all in the news about Ukraine and what those nasty, interfering  Russians are doing there, and how NATO is standing ready to save the day, lately, have we?  There's a... Continue Reading →

…No Particular Place To Go

I usually write here on the basis of some idea gleaned from something I have read elsewhere, or in order to link to someone else's writing considered to be of value. Today, I found myself so overwhelmed by the host of world events which are unfolding before us at this time, that I couldn't pick... Continue Reading →

The Final Days

  Pleased to share this post The Final Days from Bealtaine Cottage.  Colette O'Neill uses many of the phrases I have used in the past, and I share her sentiments. The Final Days?  Not the final days of the world. Not by any means.  But yes, the final days of Empire, the world made by... Continue Reading →

“The Shroud Of The Dark Side Has Fallen…”

"...Begun The 'Assymetric Response' War Has"   Tit for Tat.  Escalation for Escalation.  The Empire (US/EU Axis of Evil) driven by the Force of the Dark Side (Global Corporate Greed Inc.), has made its latest play (further sanctions against Russia) in its continued drive for Eastward expansion.  Kindling a new wave of Assymetric Response (non-cloned)... Continue Reading →

I Heard On The News Tonight…

Something Doesn't Sound Quite Right...Heard on the news tonight:  Russian President Putin and Ukraine President Poroshenko have agreed to a ceasefire in the Ukraine conflict.My first thoughts were 'Something doesn't sound quite right here.' and 'If this is true then Chess Master Putin has made his first wrong move in this little game of thrones."Firstly,... Continue Reading →

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