External Interference In Ukraine. Who, And Why?

External interference in Ukraine. Who, and why?

Russia often incorrectly and unjustifiably gets the blame for the ‘who’, but as I always say, it is always the US, sometimes overtly but mostly hiding behind one of their string puppet shows eg. the EU, and the ‘why’ is (almost) always about the oil.

I have just found two other reasons why, which are at least not directly related to oil but are indelibly the work of the US.

The first is an attempt to have Ukraine become an EU member state.  The US is puppeteer to the EU marionettes for this, but is in turn itself being manipulated by its own puppet master, the Corporate Elite.  The reason?  US Corporate Giants have so far failed to get a toehold in Europe for their evil and devastating Genetically Modified crop varieties. The EU will have none of that trash, but of course they are being blindsided through the thought of having a new partner (albeit a sick one) in Ukraine.  As part of the arrangement for Ukraine’s EU entry they will have to agree to being used as an experimental resource for GM crops.  Dirty, seedy, and devious actions all round.

The second is a further recent attempt (following a previous failure put down to inferior US product) to muscle in on Russia’s market in Ukraine for nuclear fuel supplies for their nuclear power stations.  Remember Chernobyl?  That’s a Ukraine city.  Want to see a repeat?  Read about the US skullduggery here and here.

Need I say more?  Draw your own conclusions.

I will be glad when this is all over and in the past.  If it ever is.  I am getting fed up with writing about this situation to present something a little closer to the truth than is generally heard, but I suppose I had better strap myself in for the long haul.



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  1. Well, I’m glad you’re still writing! If one of my friends comes up with an anti-Putin/Russia comment, I promptly send them a link to one of your posts, or Dimitry Orlov’s.

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