More Deception Than Distraction?

It is fitting that the United States is led at this moment in time by a staggering corpse of a leader who more than adequately represents the state of the nation and the seeking-but-never-quite-made-it-to-empire he leads.  An established empire has no enemies - until it begins to disintegrate internally.  But the US has always recognised... Continue Reading →

Oppressive Australian Government About to Meet It’s First Real Challenge – The Truckies

There is no doubt that, under completely false pretences, Australia has recently become a totalitarian police state. A police force that was once largely considered to be a citizen's friend has now turned 180° to become the government's evil Stasi Brigade. Enforcers of morally bankrupt, sweeping regulations, to imprison, fine, and beat up citizens who... Continue Reading →

Russia Rejects US Request

"...but Russia rejected the request." - quote from TASS article linked below. This is about attempts by the US to gain a foothold in Central Asia for the dubious reason to "satisfy some initiatives of theirs" (another quote) to "carry out strikes at Afghanistan when necessary," (again a quote).  Such requests are unnecessary and to... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Has No Idea…

'Pentagon has no idea how much US military equipment seized by Taliban — spokesman' - TASS The title of this TASS piece could easily have been shortened to 'Pentagon simply has no idea'. But Russians might consider that to be undiplomatic. I harbour no such qualms. A Pentagon to Taliban respectful request - "Please may... Continue Reading →

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