Russia Rejects US Request

“…but Russia rejected the request.” – quote from TASS article linked below.

This is about attempts by the US to gain a foothold in Central Asia for the dubious reason to “satisfy some initiatives of theirs” (another quote) to “carry out strikes at Afghanistan when necessary,” (again a quote).  Such requests are unnecessary and to say the least, unhelpful.  When has the US military ever gone anywhere and done anything useful to or for anyone else but themselves?

‘Russia has no desire to see US forces in Central Asia — Lavrov’ – TASS

I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no place for US soldiery in or – and I will extend it to this – anywhere near Central Asia.  Such chaos as would ensue, and I think it is now clear to everyone that they (the US) are the agents of chaos, would not be beneficial in any way.  It would only be to serve their own warlust and culture of interference and destruction.  Nothing more.

Thank goodness, as I have also on occasion said before, there is a Russia.  A Russia now well respected in all respectable parts of the world.

Those ‘thanks’ also extend to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) of which Russia is a part.  It helps to have regional friends.  It doesn’t help to have ‘friends’ who are simply vassals.

Of course ‘Russia rejected the request’.  The request itself coming from the fake US President – Joe Biden – who may have little time left to remain in office – in a phonecall to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The request was flatly denied by Mr Putin.  

In what earlier period of history do you think such a similar thing could have taken place?  It singularly marks a turning point in global history.  There have been a number of those recently.

I raise one more point.  There are a number, quite a large number, of US Bio-weapon labs already in Central Asian countries (also West and South East Asia).  I see no reason, none at all, for the existence of any of those facilities, and urge both Russia and China to use their growing influence in the region to have every one of them shut down, cleaned up and cleared out. 

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