Oppressive Australian Government About to Meet It’s First Real Challenge – The Truckies

There is no doubt that, under completely false pretences, Australia has recently become a totalitarian police state. A police force that was once largely considered to be a citizen’s friend has now turned 180° to become the government’s evil Stasi Brigade. Enforcers of morally bankrupt, sweeping regulations, to imprison, fine, and beat up citizens who had until recent times enjoyed some of the most liberal democratic, open, freedoms on the planet.

Most citizens have docilely complied with the rulings of the new state. Cowed by fear. Fear of some innocuous disease falsely pumped up on a global basis, with crazily, in fact impossibly and certainly unexplainable, doctored statistics, to be erroneously called a pandemic. Fear of being ostracised by others as acting differently, and falsely criticised for being a danger to others. Fear also of not accepting a pseudo vaccination of spurious nature (actually ‘nature’ is exactly what it is not) designed specifically to make people very sick and possibly kill them in large numbers over time.

But the so-called disease is not what the truckies are objecting about. It is their loss of freedom of choice and their expectation to accede to any government regulation that is so obviously bad for the country and for individuals. And the truckies have the power to bring the government down by paralysing the nation’s transport infrastructure. I support their action 100%. This government oppression must be called out and stomped on. Australia cannot afford such a government. It must go.

I cite one source, chosen for its externality to the Australian scene. There are many other sources of this story, perhaps ones more widely known, that a simple search will reveal. This is: “Truckers threaten to shut down Australia as country succumbs to Covid insanity, shoots dogs, thrashes citizens” – by OpIndia

It has been done before, as reported here by SMH. Back in 1979’s when Australia was a very different nation to what it has now become and just a couple of years before I arrived on its shores. There was also perhaps an initial ‘feeling out’ of truckies concern and frustration in a ‘rehearsal’ in Sydney on July 19 – AUSTRALIAN TRUCKERS PROTEST AGAINST SYDNEY LOCKDOWN – bitchute.

Will it actually happen again? Apparently, military veterans and a large number of truckies have decided to make a stand on Tuesday August 31, 2021, and will block off all major arterial roads to bring the nation to a standstill. This is the sort of action that is required to break the throttling hands of government from our necks. It will be painful. Citizens should be prepared for possibly weeks of empty supermarkets (other than locally produced food). But if we all stand together, as one, one of two things will happen. The government will break an, in defeat, will forge another way, a return to democracy not oppression, to steer the country back to health – or whatever the future holds, which may look nothing like what we had before – a situation impossible to resurrect – but one that is manageable in a more understanding and humanitarian way; or the government will be swept away in a tide of anger never seen in this country before. Politicians, medical experts, the police, will all be held to account for the crimes they have committed against the people of this country. And perhaps those overseas who are the real criminals that perpetrated the larger crime of large-scale murder on the world – in the name of which these abominable regulations were instituted – I speak of the multinational pharmaceutical industry and names like Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, plus those in the diabolical eugenics movement, mostly Americans, like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Anthony Fauci, to name just a few among others lurking in the WEF and elsewhere. These are the ones who must for ever live in infamy.

We will see what next Tuesday (Australia time) reveals. It could be a watershed moment for the world, Australia has led the way in those things before. Or it could be a washout. We shall see.

I will say this. Forget street protests and marches, they produce little result – except (perhaps) those in France. France knows how to conduct such ‘tour de force’, flooding city streets with people and outnumbering (rendering ineffective) any police action – leaving them to stand by, helmets laid on the ground in front of them and clapping the demonstrators as they pass by. Australia has not the people to perform such successful action – yet. Aussies are nowhere desperate enough to so far take to the streets en-masse in defiance of restrictive regulations. It may come. It may not. But a full strength truckie blockade will bite. No modern nation can survive without its truckie transport workers and even a brief, 2-3 week crackdown of the economy – with hungry and enraged people as the icing on the cake – may be just what is needed to get a result. After that, well, there’s the pitchforks and torches of days gone by I suppose. We don’t have too many guns floating around here. But of course the police and military are also members of families. And it is known that large numbers of the military at least (I have no feel for how the police are on this point) are family members and are against Covid vaccination.

I will leave it there. I don’t want to be accused of inciting anything. If I am not at liberty to express my opinions on already reported news, then what has this country really become? These are just thoughts. Thoughts that are not currently widely expressed, at least not in my reading of events. Is that about to change?

Just a final note. On Friday, Aug 28, another truckie action is scheduled to take place. This is the largest transport company in the country undergoing an industrial dispute over pay. Whether there is any connection between these two actions I have no idea. But I suggest that nothing much is going to be moving on Aussie roads for a while.

Actually, perhaps the most important thought of all in this piece. It is my words (thoughts) but I will put it in a quote for emphasis.

If no modern nation can survive without its current huge trucking fleet (not forgetting the huge ocean-going vessels that feed the world’s trucks with goods and fuel), what is going to happen when the ships stop running and the truck’s fuel needs can no longer be met?

And please don’t insult my intelligence by saying ‘electric vehicles’.

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