When He Steers Clear of China (about which he knows nothing), Kunstler is Brilliant (well, sometimes – let’s not go overboard)

The latest blog post is an example of that brilliance. 'Gestapo the Steal' - Kunstler The time for the downfall of Hillary, the DOJ, the FBI, a whole host of multitudes of other individuals (including Obama) Kunstler has railed against (which position I have personally supported) with persistent patience from somewhere between 2016 to 2020... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Enemies to Face the Music

Well, I've spoken of and waited for this for a long time, and now it has begun.  But it is only a beginning of the repercussions of justice for the foul deeds committed by certain sections of US intelligence, government and political hierarchy against America and its incumbent president.  This could, and should, and I... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Self-Preservation Attempt

He would, if he could, but he can't. So he wants Uncle Joe to do it. No hope of that. What am I talking about? Well, it's this report of how he is now sweating bricks (sweating 'bullets' if you are American) over recent developments in settling the Russiagate affair (bringing to justice those responsible... Continue Reading →

He Does It His Way…

Last week I made the observation "The wheels of Justice grind exceeding slow" with regard to the Russiagate affair which has long dragged on, wailing plaintively for some of that justice to be served.  Well, I'm happy to report that those wheels are now rolling smoothly along the track and justice will soon be seen... Continue Reading →

Long Awaited Russiagate Showdown Coming

The wheels of Justice grind exceeding slow  ...but they are now moving in the final climactic scenes of the Russiagate affair. What? You thought that was over? No Way, José. "Slouching Toward Resolution" - Kunstler A classically belting blog post from James Howard Kunstler yesterday. The Justice, I think I see and have long hoped... Continue Reading →

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