He Does It His Way…

Last week I made the observation “The wheels of Justice grind exceeding slow” with regard to the Russiagate affair which has long dragged on, wailing plaintively for some of that justice to be served.  Well, I’m happy to report that those wheels are now rolling smoothly along the track and justice will soon be seen to be done.  There were times when I thought that US AG Barr had himself gone off the rails over the past months, but whether that was just smokescreen, ploy or necessary preliminary action, it seems that all is now progressing as expected. 

General Mike Flynn will be vindicated.  Others, involved in his entrapment will not be so lucky.  And when the guillotine has been re-oiled, many heads will roll in the Democratic Party, the US intelligence (there’s my smile again) community, the DOJ, media, and even a previous US administration.

But I cannot compete with the man in the telling of the story, so I will let JHK do the telling, his way…

“I Sent Them” – Ex-FBI Director James Comey – as reported by James Kunstler

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