He Does It His Way…

Last week I made the observation "The wheels of Justice grind exceeding slow" with regard to the Russiagate affair which has long dragged on, wailing plaintively for some of that justice to be served.  Well, I'm happy to report that those wheels are now rolling smoothly along the track and justice will soon be seen... Continue Reading →

Whose Got The Wuhan Willies?

Whoa! What's going on? Australia going against official US opinion? How so? Well, it's quite simple really. The US administration and their intelligence (that always brings a smile to my face) community (neither of which has any 'believability' credits left in their public accounts) have a line to push. No, it's not 'Russiagate'.┬áThat one has... Continue Reading →

Potential Good News For Julian Assange, and the Exposure of US Intelligence Services as the Scum That They Are

I break my more than two day silence - which I was considering making permanent (more on that, perhaps, another time) to bring you this story which I think brings some much needed cheer for Julian Assange and breaks open the myth of US intelligence service honourable and honest efforts in the country's interests -... Continue Reading →

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