Potential Good News For Julian Assange, and the Exposure of US Intelligence Services as the Scum That They Are

I break my more than two day silence – which I was considering making permanent (more on that, perhaps, another time) to bring you this story which I think brings some much needed cheer for Julian Assange and breaks open the myth of US intelligence service honourable and honest efforts in the country’s interests – showing and shaming them as utter rogues, capable of the most heinous and despicable of crimes, against anybody.  You, me, anybody – including Julian Assange.

I found this on the ‘World Socialist Web Site’ but thought [sadly], hey, nobody is going to take that as honest truth unless supported – though why that should be the case any more than Western MSM ‘stories’, I can’t imagine.  So I also choose to add a link to the story in none other than ‘Stars and Stripes’.  There obviously are others, but this seemed a fitting juxtaposition. Judge for yourself which is the more relevant. 

While they both say some of the same things, I prefer the much more in-depth WSWS version.  More meaty and juicy – and much more hard-hitting.  Still, they are both fair in their own way, which in itself is quite surprising.

I will say no more.

“Former CIA coder convicted on minor charges in hacking tools case” – Stars and Stripes
“In blow to US campaign against WikiLeaks, proceedings against alleged CIA whistleblower end in mistrial” – World Socialist Web site

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