The Party of Peed Panties

Oh what a Saturday I'm having!  First there was an email from a friend which moved me to do my previous post on the death of both journalism and democracy, extemporised by the show trial of Julian Assange, by sharing in full a classic report from a highly respected American commentator.  Now there is the... Continue Reading →

A Never-Ending Story of Western Self-Deception – It’s Becoming a Little Tedious

"Kremlin: Novichok statements by intel chief, Foreign Office spokeswoman not contradictory" - TASS Let's get this straight - the only locations of the Nivichok nerve agent, to common knowledge today, is in the chemical warfare laboratories of the Disunited Kingdom and the Disunited States of America.  Nowhere else. So, the West's attempt to find disagreement... Continue Reading →

Aussies – Circling The Gurgler’s Rim

Australia continues to circle its own economic future dangerously around the rim of a certain death spiral, apparently willing to lose itself completely if the nation does not pull back from its current untenable position vis-à-vis having chosen the wrong side of the US instigated US-China struggle.  Illustration: Tang Tengfei/GT Without a turn-around or at... Continue Reading →

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