US Coronavirus Research in Wuhan

There is a simple guiding premise to which anyone trying to analyse actions of the US government should give attention and credence.  It is this: - Anything, most commonly anti-social, anti-human, graceless and/or illegal activities, that the US government accuses someone else of doing, be that an individual, an organisation or a nation as a... Continue Reading →

The Dangerous Rise of ‘Services’

The business world and many national governments obviously know which way the winds of change are blowing, with great attendances at the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). A six day event just finished yesterday and which attracted "22,000 enterprises and institutions from 148 countries and regions, including 199 Fortune 500 companies" from... Continue Reading →

“Hypocrisy” – That’s The Word

"Hypocrisy" is the word used in this TeleSur article to describe the actions of the Australian government in relation to Chinese foreign press working in that country.  And that pretty much sums up the case.   It is questionable action at the very least, on Australia's part, towards an essential element of that country's relationship with... Continue Reading →

Germany Contemplates A Shot In The Foot

Is Germany going to shoot itself and the rest of Europe in the foot just to appease a rabid Washington? The Navalny case, already widely known to be a setup, is a litmus test for that nation's expressed intent to separate its sovereignty issues from its alliance commitments.  There could be other repercussions too from... Continue Reading →

No Deus Ex Machina This Time

So, it has come down to this.  All sense of purpose, self-respect and any capability to recognise their own shameful and self-destructive actions, has left America or is in hiding somewhere, fearful for its further existence in the madhouse that the US has evolved into. Kunstler captures the scene perfectly - and the worst is... Continue Reading →

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