“Hypocrisy” – That’s The Word

“Hypocrisy” is the word used in this TeleSur article to describe the actions of the Australian government in relation to Chinese foreign press working in that country.  And that pretty much sums up the case.  

It is questionable action at the very least, on Australia’s part, towards an essential element of that country’s relationship with its largest trading partner.  But understandable of course when one considers that Australia is not allowed to act independently of its alliance ‘partners’ in the West.  A seedy alliance that sees China’s emergent growth and influence in world affairs as a threat to their own long dominant and aggressive position.

It also sheds fresh light on the quick withdrawal of the last Aussie journalists from China for what is reported in Australia as harassment by China – an over-the-top reaction to a request for interview by Chinese officials.

“China Urges Australia To Stop Harassing Its Journalists” – TeleSur English

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