‘Shat the Bed’ as ‘Grist to the Mill’

An alternative title for this piece (if you don’t like the first one) could be “Australia’s Folly”.

Australia is apparently willing to sacrifice up to one third of its farming sector to Washington pressure.

Now that makes good business and economic sense doesn’t it?  I think not.

Despite the close ties between Aussie farmers and the Chinese market, Canberra has chosen to ignore the interest of its farmers and follow the heels of the US government to encircle and contain China. Its rising animosity toward China has sparked anger among Chinese consumers,” says this article from the Global Times.

Of course Aussie farm produce is not all that important to China, representing a small proportion of the overall inter-nation trade. But if Australia were to lose its farming trade to China, for whatever reason, because, you know, these things are never one-sided – except when it comes to US bullying practices.  And Aussie farm products are never going to be allowed to prejudice similar produce by the powerful farm lobby of their American ‘friends’.  Australian farmers, already and for long years feeling the pinch of hard economic times – even in Australia’s good years, which have now come to a tyre-screeching end – never to be reinstated or in any other wise enjoyed again – they will desperately need to foster or salvage whatever strained relations they may currently have with China – a nation growing in importance against a background of declining fortunes covering all the lands of a played out Western hegemony.

A rational person would find it hard to make any sense of what Australia has all the appearances of inflicting on itself in siding with and bowing to obviously unjust American demands.  The US is widely known to care only for itself.  Everybody else is simply grist to their mill.   Wake up Australia.

“Aussie farmers could be sacrificed under US coercion” – Global Times

The bulk of Aus-China trade lies in iron ore of course, but even that is falling in recent times.  China picking up the slack by increased imports from India and Brazil.  Both those nations holding closer trading ties to China as partners in the BRICS organisation.  I have, for the best part of a decade, been advocating for Australia to drop its fading Western ties for a part in that growing venture itself.  ‘BRICSA’ has a nice ring to it. Unfortunately that is but a pipe-dream as I reckon the Aussies have pretty much shat in that bed already by their foolish antics as Washington’s clowns.

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