Germany Contemplates A Shot In The Foot

Is Germany going to shoot itself and the rest of Europe in the foot just to appease a rabid Washington?

The Navalny case, already widely known to be a setup, is a litmus test for that nation’s expressed intent to separate its sovereignty issues from its alliance commitments.  There could be other repercussions too from disgruntled European partners and businesses if it chooses the wrong path.

There is no sense whatsoever in Germany’s government caving in to Washington pressure to dump its association with the Russia Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe through Germany.  No sense whatsoever.  Why would anyone deprive themselves from taking a relatively cheap product with stable means of supply and instead choose an expensive product with no guarantee of either continuous supply or adequate quantity.  The US ability to supply gas to the world is a complete con trick.  The sort of con trick that America relies on totally to maintain its global position.  That will soon become undeniably clear.

Of course, no supply can be guaranteed going into an unknown future where the supply of almost everything is sure to come into question, and very soon,  but that is beside the point for now.  What I don’t understand is why there should be any question or doubt as to what Germany should do for the best.  The answer seems to be absolutely clear.   

That story is included in this TASS press review – “Press review: Bundestag fears forsaking Nord Stream 2 and Russia charts new Syria strategy” – TASS (from other sources) 

A point not to be missed, but also the subject of another story in that TASS press review, is the fact that the US itself relies on a growing import of Russian oil products.  Why then does that nation try to prevent Europe from using Russian gas?  Well, that itself is also absolutely clear.

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