No Deus Ex Machina This Time

So, it has come down to this.  All sense of purpose, self-respect and any capability to recognise their own shameful and self-destructive actions, has left America or is in hiding somewhere, fearful for its further existence in the madhouse that the US has evolved into.

Kunstler captures the scene perfectly – and the worst is not yet over by any means.  He actually predicts a year of insurrection and a Ukraine 2014 Maidan style regime change operation within the US (since Trump is bound to win the upcoming election) organised by the very same crew of US State Department officials and others that were responsible (including the Obama/Biden clown act) for that particularly obscene spectacle some six, or it will actually be seven years ago when the US 2020 “Transition Integrity Project” gets fully into swing and spills over into next year (yes, such a plan actually exists – google it).

This is I think, essential reading. “The Ghost in the Machine” – JH Kunstler

The world we live in is already a very different one from previous years, what with COVID and everything else that has happened (most of which we may have already forgotten) and what is yet to take place in this year of 2020.  But next year, 2021, is going to descend into a whole other level of Dante’s Inferno which could engulf many if not all of us. 

Foolish people are still looking forward to better times, awaiting a way out of the COVID nightmare and a return to some form of normalcy.  I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen.  It’s not what lies ahead for us.  Not even anywhere on the distant horizon.  Good times are a thing of the past.  Good times are what got us into this mess.  We had the opportunity to simplify our lives, to live within our means and to get along together in mutual trust and amity.  We blew that.  Over the last at least 50 years and probably more like 70 years, we blew that.  Now we must pay the price  …with sincere humility and in much reduced circumstances  …while retaining hope that our descendants, if such there are, may slowly work towards something better, in a far distant future. 

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