Message From Wuhan

Forget any pre-conceptions about coronavirus.  Forget what you may have heard or seen reported on Western news.  Forget about what anyone, including Trump (oh, you've already forgotten about him? sorry for the reminder), has said about the virus and China - specifically about Wuhan.  Listen to what the people of Wuhan city have to say... Continue Reading →

NATO Terrorism

NATO exists only as an entity to inflict terror.  Why has NATO not been declared a terrorist organisation over its many war crimes? Take, for instance, the NATO use of depleted uranium munitions during the 1999 aggression against the former Yugoslavia, for which crimes it is now paying dearly - though not dearly enough, and... Continue Reading →

All Choked Up

"Rough Ridin’ with Biden" - Kunstler. No share in full today but it's only a click away. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it. I'm all choked up.  Not over having just watched the Lady Gaga performance ('in Hunger Games drag', as Kunstler suggests) at the Biden inauguration.  That just drew a sad shake of... Continue Reading →

Australia, The Wayward Child

These days I try to only post on items of high importance in my view.  It doesn't always turn out that way but that is the intention because, well, we live in very dangerous times, as many will find (and many have already found), by surprise, to their great cost.  But these are times where... Continue Reading →

The US Demands?

"US calls for Navalny’s immediate release, secretary of state says" - TASS  That's the polite version, as reported by Russian media. Here's the truth:  "The United States demands..."  Demands?   In what universe does Pompeo's fucked up nation or any other fucked up western nation (EU members for example), have the right to interfere in the... Continue Reading →

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