Message From Wuhan

Forget any pre-conceptions about coronavirus.  Forget what you may have heard or seen reported on Western news.  Forget about what anyone, including Trump (oh, you’ve already forgotten about him? sorry for the reminder), has said about the virus and China – specifically about Wuhan.  Listen to what the people of Wuhan city have to say about it and the life-saving 76 day lockdown they experienced a year ago.  It’s a moving story, and one that may induce regrets (and perhaps other emotions) about your own experiences.

On January 20, the streets of Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province were decorated with 30,000 red lanterns for the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. Photo: VCG

“A message from Wuhan residents to countries that scrutinized the city’s lockdown, one year on” – Global Times

The article contains three short video interviews which I will not detach from the context of the text.  And the article is just too long (though of sufficient interest) for me to share in full here – as I otherwise would have done.

This says something …and I think we should listen.

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