The M.O.P.S. Principle

COVID-19 GMOs - which before they were 'vaccinated' with a Pfizer mRNA soup (which is not a vaccine but an injected medical treatment) were known as 'people', may well prove to be (in addition to being made captive Pfizer customers for life) active spreaders of the disease through shedding of particles, subsequently inhaled, or by... Continue Reading →

All Our Tomorrows

James Howard Kunstler is like a breath of fresh air in a stifling hot...  [think before you write Bernie] ...I guess I mean wherever in any small, enclosed space it gets stifling hot.  He once again hits the nail right on the point where it gets driven home. It's about all our tomorrows again -... Continue Reading →

Message From Wuhan

Forget any pre-conceptions about coronavirus.  Forget what you may have heard or seen reported on Western news.  Forget about what anyone, including Trump (oh, you've already forgotten about him? sorry for the reminder), has said about the virus and China - specifically about Wuhan.  Listen to what the people of Wuhan city have to say... Continue Reading →

Of Celebrations, Dates, and Cycles

Chinese people in the city of Wuhan openly and joyfully celebrated the new year of the western calendar in a huge public gathering which has, not surprisingly, drawn jealous criticism from western media sources.   "How dare they celebrate, when we are all locked up, sorry, locked down, and dying by the thousands," is the plaintiff... Continue Reading →

Swamp Clearing Stalled

I thought four years ago that I would never again be regaled by the expression 'the haircut in search of a brain', but here it is again.  No lessons learned at all over the past four years of desultory and ill-fated swamp clearing.  Isn't that somehow more than a little sad? It is all explained,... Continue Reading →

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