Setting The COVID Record Straight

This has been a year dominated by the continuing COVID-19 - SARS-Cov-2 saga, with other issues perhaps not drawing the attention they should have received as a result. Their time will come, whether we can climb out from under the COVID blanket of fog in time to view them clearly, or not. What better way... Continue Reading →

COVID 19: “A surreptitious method to thin the herd without the herd ever really knowing what was going on”

Alternative titles: "The conspiracy theory to beat all conspiracy theories" or "Why we should all support (but not necessarily take part in) the COVID vaccine solution", or "Hush! The vaccine deaths will assume catastrophic proportions, but not everyone needs to know why". All of the above are my own work (at least I did not... Continue Reading →

The truth is out.  There are no COVID-19 vaccinations, anywhere, that actually work.

The truth is out.  There are no COVID-19 vaccinations, anywhere, that actually work.  Either curatively or preventively.  Suppressively, in terms of symptoms, perhaps.  But what is the good of that?  We use suppressive medications for the common cold, but has that stopped it from happening?    'Follow-up COVID tests of 52 Russian tourists in Cuba are... Continue Reading →

The M.O.P.S. Principle

COVID-19 GMOs - which before they were 'vaccinated' with a Pfizer mRNA soup (which is not a vaccine but an injected medical treatment) were known as 'people', may well prove to be (in addition to being made captive Pfizer customers for life) active spreaders of the disease through shedding of particles, subsequently inhaled, or by... Continue Reading →

All Our Tomorrows

James Howard Kunstler is like a breath of fresh air in a stifling hot...  [think before you write Bernie] ...I guess I mean wherever in any small, enclosed space it gets stifling hot.  He once again hits the nail right on the point where it gets driven home. It's about all our tomorrows again -... Continue Reading →

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