When Boys Grew Into Manhood – From Frogs & Rockets To The Real PCR

Man is – and while when I normally talk of ‘man’, I am referring to the generic man, of mankind, in this case I speak of ‘man’ the male of the human species (not generally held in high regard these days, for very good reasons) – a curious beast. Young men, and here I am talking of teen aged boys, are another breed entirely. Given the freedom of movement and the liberty to explore their world without restraint but with some encouragement – conditions now sadly lacking, especially in Western civilisation (the basic cause for their current diversionary pursuits into less savoury pass-times) – will put their energies into all sorts of worthwhile endeavours, not necessarily devoted to making money or seducing girls. The 1950’s was such a time. I know. I was there.

I do not normally ascribe much worth or benefit to TEDx Talks but the one I share below is exceptional, and illustrates the points I have just made. It is given by Kary Mullis (who was also ‘there’ in the ’50s but is sadly now no longer with us) – an exceptional chemist. I will speak more of him later. This TEDx talk is called ‘Sons of Sputnik’. It is both informative and highly amusing, being likenable (I was hoping that would be a new word derivative I just invented, but unfortunately is is pre-existing – just not often used) to a standup comedy routine involving frogs and rockets. Please watch.

Now I will tell you of Kary Mullis, Ph.D biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize winner for PCR discovery. He is the discoverer of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique, which today is used as the basis for the PCR Test (Mullis did not invent that test, as many believe) so abusively fostered in the pseudo world of COVID testing today. If that is news to you, or even if it is not, please listen to what this man has to say on that matter and on the matter of the role of HIV in AIDS (which came to prominence at the same time as his PCR discovery) in the YouTube interviews below, and then wonder why it is that things are shaping the way they are – and who might be behind that, and what may be the reasons or purposes for their conduct.

I think the message is clear here. It is that there are very few people who really know what they are talking about in this area of science (or science in general really), and the ones whose voices are heard most loudly and prominently are not numbered among them. What is the general public to make of that? My take on this is that none of those prominent voices (whether from either the science or health fields) should be trusted as speaking the truth or anything like the truth, but that it is much safer to listen to the voices of reasoned experts in the field – even if they come to us from beyond the grave, in a time where truth meant something.

A full version of this 2 hour interview is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1FXbxDrDrY

All of these videos are compilations released after the death of Kary Mullis in August 2019. Is it mere coincidence that the spread of COVID-19 around the world only began after this man, who could have been a major obstacle to the narrative that has built around that insignificant disease, since his passing? And why would the producers of that narrative not want the possibility of his interference to stem their progress?

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  1. I asked everyone I could if they knew what PCR stood for and what it did. No-one could answer. I knew because I had read ‘Neanderthal Man’ by Svante Paabo, which told the story of how the test was developed.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bev. Two things…

      I have been concerned a little about my statement that Mullis was not the inventor of the PCR test – which could be a little misleading (so, thanks also for this opportunity to clarify). What I meant was that while the PCR technique forms the basis of the COVID testing, the use of his name in association wirth that is false – due to his being dead before COVID came to prominence. Also the fact that the PCR technique was never meant to be used in that way – that is, to insinuate that any particular conclusion relating to any given virus particle found by the process has any meaning whatsoever in terms of diagnosis of associated disease.

      Also, I have not read Svante Paabo’s book but yesterday I did watch a TED Talk he presented on Neanderthal relationships to modern humans. The Denisovan connection has been of interest to me for some time since I read of it in a Graham Hancock book. Paabo didn’t mention the Australian Aboriginal connection which demonstrates a strong Denisovan DNA connection (perhaps stronger than in any other current peoples), and which I think is the basis for the recently introduced increase in Aboriginal peopling of this country to over 60,000 years of history – and tells us exactly where they came from, and leads to other very interesting possibilities (which I won’t go into here).

      So much of interest to study – so little time to do it.

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